Z Nation Season 1 Review “Murphy’s Law”

Z Nation Cast

Given the title and “Previously on…” material, it was immediately clear that Z Nation was going to be focusing in on Murphy this week. And given that “Murphy’s Law” is the second-to-last episode of the season, it’s no surprise that the show would, given that Murphy is the whole point of the cross-country mission.

I’ve been down on Murphy since his decision to sick an undead man on his wife and child a few weeks back, and understandably so; we saw the guy cross a line, one that makes it hard to have the same sympathy for him when he was just a gutless character. However, one thing that’s remained true is that he does seem to have a genuine connection to the main group. That stayed true here, as he worked to escape his captors and reconnect with the others.

In fact, the chase made for a great storyline, as the whole team, including Murphy and Citizen Z, worked to keep the trail alive. It’s always nice when the show gives some reason to justify Citizen Z’s continued presence on the show, and having him scouring through satellite images and manipulating highway traffic signs was a good use of the character. Plus, we got to see his dog in reindeer ears, which was cute, even if it raises the question of why a military base would have reindeer ears in the first place.

The biggest part of this episode was, of course, Murphy learning even more about what he’s capable of, and it was a doozy this time. After weeks of connecting with zombies and experimenting with his immunity, Murphy discovered that any human being that ingests his fluid or gets bitten by him is can eventually be mentally manipulated by him. And while it’s entirely possible this is a shark-jump moment for some, I’m really interested to see where this goes, especially with a second season announced.

Because Murphy is not a good guy. Honestly, he’s a huge scumbag, and however much he likes the group right now, it wouldn’t take much for him to annihilate them now if they were to cross him. It’s entirely possible he’s one bad day from becoming the show’s Big Bad in season two, and I’d love to see that happen.

It also raises the possibility of a return for the Sisters of Mercy, a member of which the show implied was pregnant with Murphy’s child. Several commenters last week noted that in science fiction, off-screen death doesn’t always equal death, and that’s true. I still say last week’s ending was a shocker, but it’s entirely possible that Mack and Addy could return down the line.

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