The Amazing Race Season 25 Review “You’re Taking My Tan Off”

The Amazing Race 2509 Youre Taking My Tan Off 01

The Amazing Race returned tonight on Black Friday with the hilariously titled “You’re Taking My Tan Off.” This season has been pretty light on travel drama, but tonight’s episode kicked off with some good old-fashioned Travel Fu! It was pretty weird that the Soul Surfers and The Dentists both booked the first flights they saw without doing too much searching, and then they got bit in the butt by a brand new rule that I totally agree with! Apparently you can’t change your ticket once you’ve booked a flight elsewhere. It ended up only making a difference of 40 minutes, but it could have made a much bigger difference, so I think Jim should have counted himself lucky!

The Cyclists ended up going for the Flash Forward, but I don’t understand why the other people didn’t at least read the clue before deciding not to do it! Apparently I don’t understand the rules, but it seems lame that you had to declare that you’re not going, and then you could just change your mind later on! You should have to declare right away that you’re not going to go for the Fast Forward, and then you aren’t allowed to read about it! If you can read it and then decide if you want to do it, then you should just read about it before declining it every time! It’s so cheap that The Surfers just casually say “Hey, let’s see what that Flash Forward is all about”, and then change their mind!

That’s why I was so upset when The Surfers showed up to the Fast Forward when The Cyclists were already there and stole it out from under them. I guess I can’t be too angry with Bethany, since she’s finally been given a challenge that she can actually complete easily. She’s been struggling through all of these challenges with her one arm, so I guess it’s about time she has a gimmie.

The Road Block was a pretty incredible one, as one of the team members had to walk a tightrope between two skyscrapers. Jim falling off of that tightrope had to be one of the scariest and intense shots of the race so far. It did not look like it was supposed to happen, or even that he was going to be saved. Thankfully he was OK, but that was freaking me out!

Both sides of the detour were pretty fun tonight, with both of them inflicting varying levels of pain onto the players. The massage was definitely more fun to watch, but I couldn’t believe how painful that looked. I’m so thankful that CBS included a camera so you could see everyone’s face as they reacted to the pain, as it was probably my highlight of the episode.

The crab side of the detour wasn’t quite as painful, and it was therefore quite a bit less fun to watch. The only interesting part was seeing that guy slam the cymbal behind Jim, driving him slightly more insane.

The Wrestlers being angry with The Scientists for not helping them find the clue was so lame. They pointed you in the right direction, and told you it’s in the square. What more do you need?! There’s a guy walking around wearing the official Amazing Race colors and you walked right by him! It did crack me up when they lied to them about the clue at the end, but it didn’t seem very well deserved.

Speaking of not well deserved, The Cyclists were sent home way too soon due to a crappy rule. I’m really hoping they change the way that Fast Forwards are handled going forward.

Random Thoughts:

– Man, my hands were sweating just watching those people tightrope!

– I love that The Scientists’ cab driver chastised them for being too trusting.

– Haven’t they done the cupping massages before on this show?