Red Band Society Season 1 Review “How Did We Get Here?”

Red Band Society 109 How Did We Get Here 08

Sometimes even the most convoluted and frustrating of shows can get better and find it’s feet, if only given the time to do so. Sadly, just as Red Band Society was doing just that, zoning in on its great elements and phasing out the rest, it appears FOX has lost patience with it. December’s mid-season finale may be it’s season finale, which may also be the series finale.

But at least this episode implied that things will get more or less wrapped up before we leave the red-banders, and these characters can find their resolutions before they cease to exist.

The most interesting storyline of the show for me has been Emma’s, though she’s never been my favourite character. There’s something about the way the show treats her illness that is missing from the other guys’ own arcs, and that factors into her relationship with Leo as well as her own development. Her journey rings true in that she doesn’t actually want to get better like the rest – and she hates herself for that as much as she can’t stop.

It really came to fruition in this episode, and every scene involving her and Leo was absolutely fantastic. Thank god they ditched the love triangle and decided to focus on her struggle instead.

Dash and Jordi got the filler B-plot, which ended with Dash still a virgin despite nearly hooking up with the “exhausted” pop star staying in the hospital, and Jordi pocketing $100 towards the steep filing fee for his emancipation. For me, while Dash works well as the comic relief, Jordi has been by far the least interesting and least developed character on the show, and so it’s hard to care about either his emancipation or his singer-songwriter aspirations.

Aside from the Emma/Leo stuff, my favourite part of this episode was the misguided one night stand between Doctor McAndrew and Britney. Everything Erin said to him put into words my feelings for the character, and he certainly proved what a douchebag he is when he rejected Britney before she could even brush her teeth. I don’t care for the triangle, as always, but I’m all for calling an ass an ass.

The best character on the show has always been Kara, even if her season one storyline has been a little weird. I suppose her journey was always going to take her from bitchy cheerleader in the pilot to wounded, kind-hearted girl in the finale, and Hunter’s possible death with certainly take her to that vulnerable place. I don’t want him to die because I want the character on the show but, if we’re getting cancelled anyway, then it’s a good shortcut to Kara’s deepest, most hidden feelings.

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