Elementary Season 3 Review “Rip Off”

Elementary 305 Rip Off 06

On the latest episode of “Elementary,” while the Watson was away, Holmes and Kitty played, with everything from crash test dummies to “British” arm-wrestling to Clyde the turtle (pictured above, in all his reptilian splendor), in “Rip Off.” It all started because someone needed a hand- or rather, lost one, in a puddle on the side of a road some unfortunate woman had stepped in. The rest of the body was found underneath a car in a tow lot, leading Holmes to initially suspect that the truck had caused the unintentional amputation.

Further investigation involving the aforementioned dummies, however, led Holmes to realize that the hand might have actually been ripped clean off of the man in question. This was later confirmed when a cop found a suitcase in a dumpster with a handcuff attached and blood on it. Alas, the killer in question didn’t look closer, and ended up leaving behind a fortune in diamonds in the case.

Said diamonds turned out to be of the conflict variety, and the victim, Moshe, involved in a complex scheme to illegally import and fence said diamonds to South African Leonard. But Holmes realized that it wasn’t Leonard who put the hit out on Moshe, as he spoke in a much different language than that used in an email used to solicit the killer. Instead, it had to have been a third party. But who?

Holmes deduced that the doer had to be a man of enormous strength, so he investigated a gym near-by the crime scene, and tracked down the killer via a scar on his own hand, and some helpful DNA garnered from the aforementioned game of arm-wrestling. The man in question, Kazmir, later confessed to being hired to not only kill Moshe, but three others who had knowledge of the diamond operation, including an employee at Moshe’s shop, Amit.

Interestingly, it was Kitty who broke the case, noticing that the money used to pay Kazmir had the same sort of rubber bands sold at the shop, deducing that it must have been Amit. It was indeed, and he had paid off Kazmir to put his name on the list of potential victims in order to throw the cops off. Score one for Kitty!

As if that weren’t enough, Kitty also intervened with a situation between the Captain and his daughter, who had been involved in a relationship with a fellow cop that got physical. This caused the Captain to get physical in turn in front of a roomful of cops, which got him reprimanded for obvious reasons, and humiliated and alienated his daughter with the rest of the force. Gregson was talked into apologizing in full view of his fellow officers, only to discover that the cop in question was leaving the force- because of something Kitty said or did. Score two for Kitty!

This was a moderately entertaining episode, overall. I wasn’t that into the main case, but, as ever, I loved the quirky touches, including the antics with Clyde, the dummies, and especially the business with Holmes arm-wrestling Kazmir, which was pretty hilarious. I was also fascinated by the thought of what exactly was in that manuscript that Holmes discovered on him written by Watson. I hate that we didn’t get to see any of that, but maybe it will come up later.

Kitty also continues to grow on me, and I especially liked her handling of the Gregson situation, if not the Holmes one with the manuscript- did she have to destroy the laptop altogether? (Admittedly, I only say that because I’m in need of one, but I digress…) All in all, a good-not-great episode that probably suffered a bit from the absence of Watson, but what are you gonna do?

What did you think of “Elementary” this week? Did you miss Watson too? Is Kitty growing on you? What did you make of the situation with Gregson’s daughter? What did you think of the main case? Did you get a kick out of the antics with Clyde? How about the arm-wrestling bit? What do you think Watson wrote about Holmes in her manuscript? Sound off below and have a happy Thanksgiving weekend!