‘The Vampire Diaries’ (Season 6) Elena And Damon Start Over

Elena and Damon

Time feels like it is flying by this season on The Vampire Dairies. The show is already eight episodes in and so much has happened for our favorite Majestic Falls characters. Damon has finally returned, Jo is a witch, Bonnie is still gone, Tripp is dead, and those are just some of the major plot points to date, and some of my favorites so far as the show continues to propel us forward with plenty of action in each episode.

Damon’s attempts at getting Elena to remember their love has been great. TV couples in long running romances can become dull. Watching Damon show humility over the course of these last couple of episodes as he tries to get Elena back has given the show new life. The story line has also been a reminder of all of the horrible things Damon has done. From breaking Jeremy’s neck to killing Stefan’s friend, Alaric reminds him, he’s been a real jerk who was humbled in a great scene by the sight of Elena with her date Liam. Damon’s facial expression as the two kiss was great, he looked physically ill before turning back into his arrogant self. Elena has to remember something however, because she still dances with him after he compels Liam to go and get her a chardonnay.

Stefan and Caroline’s blossoming relationship – that quickly comes to a halt during Friendsgiving – is still something I am trying to get used to. They don’t seem like a believable fit, but maybe it will work out. After all, Caroline did give Stefan a doggy bag. For those who love these two together the episode had to be a big fat disappointment with many hoping for a magical moment between the two.

As for Bonnie, her return to the living couldn’t come any sooner. The show feels like it’s missing something. Without Bonnie, Jeremy has been MIA. It will be nice when the VD gang gets back together.