Survivor Season 29 Review “This Is Where We Build Trust”

Survivor Blood vs Water 2910 This Is Where We Build Trust 05

Sometimes I wish that I could completely avoid all of the Survivor previews and promotional material, as they always seem to unintentionally give away what will happen on the episode. All of the promos for “This Is Where We Build Trust” talked non-stop about Jon getting voted out, and even in the first few minutes of the installment we hear both Reed and Natalie talk about ousting Jon at the next tribal. Whenever they hype up too much that a certain person is going home, you just know that they aren’t in danger for that week. They want to surprise you about who’s going home, and overhyping a big player getting cut is not the way to do that.

Anyway, the reward challenge was a fun one. I’m always a big fan of challenges that have a clear measurement of progress. You could easily tell which player was swimming faster, and who was doing better at the puzzle. I know it’s a weird thing to appreciate, but there you have it. While the challenge was fun, the teams seemed way lopsided. Who the heck did that schoolyard pick? Really strange.

The reward itself was also a good one, as it was the standard “good deed” reward that Survivor usually does once a season. Giving the baseball equipment to the kids was very cute, but the reward trip took a surprisingly sad turn when Jon started talking about Jaclyn not being able to have kids. I think they’ve already mentioned this unfortunate disorder in a past episode, but it was made so much more heartbreaking when they were surrounded by all those cute kids! Despite what you might think of Jon and Jaclyn in the game, I really wish the both of them well!

So Natalie and Baylor were able to find yet another Immunity Idol while the others were at the reward, making for three active idols in the game right now. At least they had to use a clue to find it. It’s starting to get old seeing people finding idols totally randomly.

The reward challenge was another temptation challenge, although it was quite different from the others that we’ve seen in the past. It could be that I’m just remembering incorrectly, but I thought that very few people actually took the bait and stepped down for the food. That was not the case tonight, however, as every single temptation was taken by at least one person. Even the crappy looking plate of candy! Also, what kind of magic kitchen does Jeff Probst have back there in the bushes? I couldn’t believe that Natalie was able to ask for three totally different things, and they all came out of the jungle! Crazy!

The tribal was definitely one for the ages, although it was a bit spoiled by the official episode premise on my DVR, telling me that somebody was going to play their idol. My DVR wasn’t entirely correct, though, as two people actually played their idols! This was definitely one for the ages, as Jeff almost read through all the votes with none of them sticking until the very end! You’ve got to feel pretty bad for Wes, although the guy never seemed to have the intelligence to make it that far in this game. I’m excited for next week’s two-hour special! See you guys then!

Random Thoughts:

– Was this the first time that we didn’t get any scenes of the Exile castaway? Wes was gone, and then came right back! I had forgotten that he even left!

– I would be so annoyed if I was Baylor and Jaclyn stepped down with me to share my cookies. I wanted to eat them all myself, thank you!

– It cracked me up when Wes referenced Jeff’s Two and a Half Men cameo. Way to go, CBS synergy!