Stalker Season 1 Review “Crazy for You”

Stalker 109 Crazy For You 05

On the latest episode of “Stalker,” as Beth closed the gap between her and her own stalker, the team took on a complex case involving a psychiatrist and what seemed to be his obsessed patient, in “Crazy for You.” It all began with Dr. Adam Lewis (Jay Karnes, “The Shield”), who received a box on his desk with a pair of panties inside. Assuming it to be his patient, Claudia Burke (Madeline Brewer, “Orange is the New Black”), a paranoid schizophrenic who suffered from auditory hallucinations who had stalked him previously, even going so far as to befriend his wife on the sly, the team went to her house to find out the truth, if possible.

However, when they arrived, while they found a whole mess of crazy, including mannequins all over the house posed as if they were friends hanging out, they also found a suicide note and Claudia in the garage with the engine running, seemingly trying to kill herself. Larsen managed to save her just in time, but when she awoke, she insisted she didn’t try to do any such thing and that someone else had forged the note and done this to her on purpose. Bruises seem to confirm her story, but were they self-inflicted? Was she lying and too far gone to remember her actions, or was she telling the truth?

Revisiting the doctor for potential other suspects, he insisted that there were none, but a Yelp-style review of his practice said differently, as there was a negative, threatening review that traced back to another former patient, Shelly Walker (Vedette Lim, Chicago Fire”), a recovering alcoholic who he last advised to go to rehab and hadn’t seen since. Her husband Jason (Wes Ramsey, “CSI: Miami”) claimed otherwise, saying she hated the doctor and refused to go to rehab and left him when he got clean and she didn’t.

Meanwhile, the doctor and his wife, Jessica (Kate Norby, “Big Love”) found themselves terrorized at their home, with the doctor nearly shooting his wife by accident after he went downstairs to investigate a strange noise- always a good idea when a stalker is after you. The team sent them to a hotel for safekeeping, while they tracked down Shelly to a sober living center, where she said that her husband had lied and it was the other way around- she’d gotten help while he refused to. Realizing their mistake, they went back to his house and found evidence he was indeed responsible.

Things took an unexpected turn when it turned out that Jason was having an affair with Jessica- but not as himself, but a man named Jason she’d met volunteering at a homeless shelter. Jessica had no idea, and understandably blamed herself, after having given Dr. Lewis grief for the aforementioned stalker she accused him of having an affair with, which he’d denied- with good reason, as it turned out, as she was on the express route to crazy-town. (Yes, that would be my official diagnosis, straight from the DSM-IV, don’t you know.)

As this was happening, Jason had gotten proactive with Dr. Lewis and had force-fed him sleeping pills and strung him up with a belt to fake yet another suicide. Janice posed as a patient and distracted Jason just long enough for Larsen to disarm him and they were able to save Dr. Lewis and arrest Walker. Needless to say it was one of the crazier episodes, right up there with the one where the woman stalked herself. I’d have to say it was my second favorite after that one, although I really enjoyed the Halloween episode and the one with the actress being stalked.

Of course, the biggest reveal of the episode was Beth finally discovering who her own stalker was- none other than Perry, who she caught with Tracy at her bar. Going to his house and breaking in, she got all the information she needed to prove he was the one, forensics be damned. I’m not sure if her telling her boss about it and having her people investigate it was a good move after all, now that she knows his identity.

I have a feeling that she might just want to handle things her own way by taking matters into her own hands and giving Perry a taste of his own medicine, and I, for one, am looking forward to it, because that Perry is super-creepy, and that whole business with dating her friend is more than a little sleazy. Sure, she could bust him and be done with it, but I suspect she’s going to go the extra mile in taking this creep down, and I say bring it on. Hopefully, it will go down before the mid-season ends.

What did you think of “Stalker” this week? Glad Beth finally found out about Perry? What do you think she’ll do? Will she turn him in or take the law into her own hands? What did you think of the main case? Glad to see Janice take the lead on one? What do you make of the tension between Larsen and Ben? How cray-cray was Claudia? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next time!