Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Review “Magnum Opus”

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 12/13 The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood (8)

The phrase ‘magnum opus’ comes from Latin for ‘great work.’ It usually refers to the greatest or most renowned work of an artist or musician, but it can refer to a host of other things too. In the context of this week’s Sleepy Hollow, a magnum opus isn’t just a great musical piece or a beautiful work of art. The real great work is our lives. Whether we realize it or not each of our lives is a grand work in progress, and we will ultimately be defined by the choices we make along our journey. That is something our heroes had to recognize in this week’s Sleepy Hollow. Although this episode wasn’t without a few issues, I can say I enjoyed it much more than I enjoyed the last one.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this episode was the insight into Ichabod’s state of mind. For the most part, Ichabod presents a calm and confident exterior. Although there are a great many things that either annoy him or offend is gentlemanly sensibilities, he generally tends to exude an air of confidence and surety of purpose. This episode revealed that it is all an act. Maybe that’s not the best way to put it. Perhaps a better way to put it is that Ichabod finally let some of the cracks in his armor show. Honestly, I can’t say I necessarily blame him for having a bit of a crisis of faith. He has had a lot of pretty severe crap swinging his way lately. He not only found out that he has a son he knew nothing about, but his son is also the horseman of War. He realized that his wife, the woman in whom he has had the most unshakable faith, has been lying to and manipulating him almost since the moment they met. Not to mention that the horseman of Death has a personal vendetta against him and he and Abbie can’t seem to ever put one solidly in the win column lately. I’d say Ichabod is entitled to question his role in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, Ichabod has Abbie to help him get out of his own head. She reminded him that he is more than just a pawn, and his confrontation with Headless solidified for him that he is more than just the choices that were made for him. Yes, some things may have been set in motion that were outside his control. But Ichabod was not completely without choice. He could’ve chosen to walk away even after he realized the role he was supposed to play. He didn’t. He chose to accept his role. He chose to stand and fight. He chose to be a good and brave man. Once Ichabod accepted that truth, it restored some of his faith and confidence in himself.

I also liked that we got to see Ichabod and Abbie working together as a team again. It’s been a while since we saw just the two of them working things out for themselves and relying on each other to get the job done. It still amuses me how they go about things differently, but they usually wind up at the same conclusion. Whatever other issues the show may have, I still enjoy the Ichabod/Abbie dynamic. It was also nice to see Abbie come up with a plan for a change instead of following Ichabod’s lead. Not that I don’t love Ichabod and all, but Abbie is no slouch. She is smart and capable, and it’s kind of bothered me that for the last handful of episodes the show seems to have forgotten that. I’m not saying that they’ve made Abbie stupid or anything because they haven’t. What they have done is essentially tape her mouth shut which is almost just as bad though. So it was nice to see her figure out the clues and come up with a plan of action for a change.

I like the fact that Ichabod and Abbie have such personal connections to the players on evil’s side in this war. It raises the stakes for them and gives the audience a much more emotional investment in the outcome. However, I must say that I’m kind of over Abraham. I may be in the minority, but I found Abraham much more interesting and much more menacing without his head. Ever since the spell was cast so he could communicate with Katrina, it has been nothing but a litany of whining and tossing blame. He whines to Henry about how Henry is using Katrina. He whines to Katrina about how she chose Ichabod over him. He whines to Ichabod about how Ichabod stole his destiny and his woman. Just shut up, Abraham! The woman didn’t want you. Move on! Abraham constantly blaming other people for the choices he made and refusing to see his own shortcomings doesn’t do anything to garner any sympathy for him or his current plight. In short, Headless has gone from being a terrifying, shotgun-wielding Horseman of the Apocalypse to a whining, eye-roll inducing scorned lover who refuses to let it go. Not nearly as scary and much more grating. Hopefully, the fight between Ichabod and Abraham will make Abraham shut his trap. After that fight he admitted that he freely chose (and continues to choose) Molock and evil. So whatever happens going forward, Abraham has no one to blame but himself.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing, the same way and expecting different results. I’ve come to the conclusion that Katrina must be insane. She continues to try to appeal to Henry’s humanity despite the fact he has repeatedly shown her he doesn’t really have any. She continues to try to appeal to “her son” despite the fact he has repeatedly told her that her son died long ago. Katrina keeps using the ‘let me stand halfway behind this wall and eavesdrop’ method of attempting to gather information despite the fact it has never worked thus far. She has only heard exactly what Henry and Mulock wanted her to hear. She has not modified her thinking to believe what Henry has been telling her, nor has she modified her intelligence gathering technique to one that’s, oh I don’t know, actually effective. So I say again, Katrina must be insane.

One thing that occurred to me while watching this episode is that now would be a really good time for the Kindred to show up again. I mean, he did just kind of ride off into the moonlight after he saved Ichabod and Abbie. Then Ichabod and Abbie never spoke of it again. Which is kind of weird considering they created and released a new monster into the world. It just looks like from the state of things, Ichabod and Abbie could use all the help they can get. Once again Jenny and Frank didn’t have much to do. It didn’t make much sense to me that Jenny and Frank would’ve still been in Sheriff Reyes’s jurisdiction what with Frank busting out of the looney bin and all. I suppose since Frank was accused of killing two cops Reyes may have been able to get the state police’s assistance, but Jenny and Frank had a day head start. Why were they still there? I guess I’ll just leave that alone though. Oh, and by the way, that was totally a male Gorgon even though in Greek mythology Gorgons are always female. I’m just throwing that out there. Yes, I paid attention when we studied Greek mythology in school. This was part one of a two part winter finale. The second part airs next week, and I’m hoping the second part will tie up some of the loose ends and fill in some of the glaring plot holes we’ve had to endure thus far. Fingers crossed! So what did y’all think of this week’s Sleepy Hollow?