Person of Interest Season 4 Review “The Devil You Know”

Person of Interest 409 The Devil You Know 06

The end of last week’s Person of Interest gave viewers a pretty big cliff-hanger—Shaw was besieged at the department store by Decima/Samaritan’s hitwoman, Martine, and bullets were flying. I was so expecting a dramatic showdown at the beginning of this week’s episode and was a bit disappointed. Even though they are only 5 feet away from each other, Shaw and fembot hit nothing but walls and glass counters. Then Shaw just strolls on out of the store. Why doesn’t Samaritan send backup? It was all a bit anti-climactic.

The fact that Shaw’s cover is now blown was mostly the side story of the episode. The person of interest story involves the escalating gang war between Elias and Dominic. Reese rushes to Elias to try and get him out of the city, but Elias is having no part of that plan. Having a full episode focused on Elias was fantastic. He is the show’s best villain and I love the relationship between him and Team Machine. Because of his affable nature, it’s easy to forget that Elias is actually a dangerous criminal. Finch and Reese seem to lose sight of that at various points. Finch may want Elias in charge because the devil you know is better than the one you don’t, but that doesn’t mean Finch should forget he is still the devil. The ending of the episode is perfect for communicating this. In the midst of a friendly moment, Elias reminds Finch and Reese in no uncertain terms that they are not on the same side.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamic shifts when Dominic eventually makes the connection between Reese and Finch. I think Finch is the one person who could outsmart Dominic. But, Finch has been a little off his game since that trial nonsense last season, so he’d need to get his confidence back up, first.

Shaw and Fusco get a couple stand out moments this episode. I liked how Shaw tries to manipulate Root by flirting with her. I’m starting to feel like the Root storyline will eventually end with her taking a bullet for Shaw. Fusco has a hero moment when he is confronted by fembot at the precinct. Fusco is more savvy than some might give him credit for being. He saw through her act without Finch’s help, which I liked.

Of course, the biggest story of the episode is Elias and his backstory. The fact that he is an orphan of some kind and grew up with his now two right hand men is an interesting development. It gives more depth to his character. It also makes it sad when Anthony dies. This gang war between Dominic and Elias has grown into one of the better stories the show has done.

The other big development was fembot getting a power-up from Samaritan at the end of the episode. I really can’t wait for Shaw to take her out. She needs to work on her aim, though.