The Flash Season 1 Review “Power Outage”

There wasn’t a lot in the way of big reveals this week, but “Power Outage” still managed to be one of the best, most engaging episodes of The Flash yet. A lot of this was due to the show finally giving us a major conflict between Harrison and Barry, while also bringing in another familiar face from Arrow to flesh out the B-plot.

In fact, let’s start with the hostage situation at the police station. Really, there wasn’t much to this plotline that hasn’t been done hundreds of times before. However, having the Clock King as the hostage taker was a smart way to continue to build connections between The Flash and Arrow. He’s the sort of character that fits both shows well, straddling the line between the serious threats Oliver Queen faces and the more colorful characters Barry fights. It also doesn’t hurt that Robert Knepper just nails it as unhinged psychopathic characters, and he was able to really cut loose and chew some scenery here.

This also led to a nice scene between The Flash and Iris at the end of the episode. Instead of being hurt or angry that he couldn’t be there to save her, Iris understood that she couldn’t always be his top priority, however much Barry actually wanted to be there. It also gave Iris a chance to be her own hero, which is definitely not a bad thing.

Over in the main plot, we saw Barry having to deal with the temporary loss of his powers thanks to an encounter with an electrified metahuman. Unfortunately, our villain-of-the-week was once again on the weaker side, carrying out another generic revenge plot. It certainly didn’t help that by episode’s end, both Blackout and last week’s Girder were dead. Still, the conflict Blackout kicked off, with Harrison trying to get Barry to abandon his wide-eyed optimism, was a strong one, and helped show the rest of the STAR Labs crew that Harrison isn’t as trustworthy as he seems. By the end of the episode, things were back to normal among the team, but it’s clear that Harrison is trying to discover the secret to Barry’s power.

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