Faking It Season 2 Review “Busted”


No matter what, the one thing that Faking It exists for is Amy and Karma’s friendship. Whether they are together, one is holding on to unrequited love or they are fighting over a betrayal as big as Amy sleeping with Liam in last season’s finale, it all comes down to the unbreakable connection between those two girls.

Which is why this was a great place to leave the show in at the end of season 2a – with bonds mended, but not quite as strong or comforting as they once were. Now, instead of faking being lesbians or faking being in love, Karma is going to have to work on faking that she is okay even after her whole world was revealed to be a hurtful lie to save her feelings. No matter what she says, that final scene proves that she doesn’t forgive either of them.

But just like Amy, she needs that friendship to survive, and it’s as natural to them as breathing. It’s not even a question for Amy that Karma comes before camping with Reagan, and the idea of Amy breaking her trust hurts Karma infinitely more than the same from Liam. Ship it or don’t – it doesn’t matter – those two are indeed soulmates, and nobody else is getting in between that.

The much-anticipated (by me, anyway) appearance of Nicholas Brendan didn’t amount to much, but the theme of throwing yourself into projects and passions in order to avoid your heartache was prevalent across the rest of the episode. Lauren and Shane, of course, ended up campaigning against each other for class president for their own reasons and, while Shane got his happy ending when Duke came out on TV, Lauren’s life only imploded further.

Not only was Theo revealed to be police, but her angry outburst outside the school led to her secret being revealed to absolutely everyone she never wanted to know her. They saw an opportunity and decided to use her status as intersex for the campaign, however, and that moment where she instantly went from sad, insecure Lauren to the poised and confident face she puts on for the rest of the world, without blinking, was sublime.

There was some uncertainty among fans regarding where Faking It could go after the infamous hook-up going into season two, but the show has been stronger than ever and doesn’t look to be running out of ideas. There will always be hopeful Karmy fans, and there always should be, but this second season has proven how much more the world of Faking It has to offer around its central love affair.

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