Criminal Minds Season 10 Review “Fate”

Criminal Minds 1009 Fate 02

The official synopsis of tonight’s Criminal Minds episode was this very simple and uninteresting one: “The BAU tracks a remorseful killer.” Not only did that seem overly vague, but also not very original. Tons of Unsubs over the years have shown remorse after their kills, so it didn’t seem like it was interesting enough for a hook. Thankfully, the rest of “Fate” more than made up for it with a huge piece of character development for Rossi.

The identity of this mystery woman following Rossi wasn’t all that hard to deduce, especially if you already had it spoiled for you in the Criminal Minds promos and previews. I was a bit surprised at how Rossi reacted to this news, though. He could have been a bit more gracious or accepting with her claim, even if he didn’t totally believe her. He was a bit vicious to her, and it didn’t fit with his character at all. It was nice that he had a change of heart at the end there, but it was almost too late. It also seemed a bit odd that he immediately jumped to the assumption that she was some obsessed fan. A little full of ourselves, aren’t we, Rossi?

The actual case of the week was pretty solid, if a bit unoriginal. We’ve seen plenty of female Unsubs, a bunch that have had suffered recent traumas, and a few that are set off by anger. This was basically a combination of a bunch of pieces from past Unsubs, with the one strange addition of this one pulling her hair out and leaving it at crime scenes. While the Unsub of the case wasn’t very original, I will say that I was surprised just how dark they were willing to go, though. I didn’t think she would kill her kind and supportive husband, since she was only killing people who “deserved” it before that, and it was heartbreaking when she plunged that knife into his chest. The look on his face, and the look on their daughter’s face, were really powerful.

The episode was written and directed by two Criminal Minds veterans, Janine Sherman Barrois and Rob Bailey. They did a solid job, but it feels like they’ve already written and directed a bunch of episodes, which they have. I feel like they would be better served getting some new blood and new ideas into this show, instead of just doing the same kinds of things every time.

The final scene in the airport terminal was surprisingly moving, with Joe Mantegna giving it everything he’s got as he reunites with his long-lost daughter, and finding out he has a grandson as well! This is the most emotion that we’ve ever seen out of Rossi, so I hope we get to see more of his newfound family pretty soon!

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Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else feel like that weird flashback to Rossi’s ex wife in bed felt a little out of place and awkward?

– How did Rossi get all the way to the gate at the end? Can you flash your FBI badge and get through security without a ticket?