Awkward Season 4 Review “Sprang Break: Part 2”


The most convincing part of this Awkward episode was Matty’s confused indignation at the idea that it had been him breaking Jenna’s heart, rather than the other way around. He let the matter drop on account of the fact it was Lacey who was chastising him, but I’m still waiting for him to wise up and remind everyone how much Jenna messed with his head when she cheated, and he shouldn’t get any of the blame.

But alas, Awkward doesn’t seem interested in that angle, painting Jenna as the put-upon angel while simultaneously writing her as an awful human being it’s almost impossible to like. I’m glad she moved on with the marine, but the warm glow of a fresh storyline only goes so far when she’s thinking about her unmet expectations for Matty while she’s walking to meet him. Now we have to watch him try to win her back, which is a storyline I’m just not up for watching again.

And there’s the Jake and Gaby of it all. This has to be the single worst thing the show has ever done (including Ava), ruining the only nice, functional friendship on the show at the same time as removing the first legitimate obstacle in the way of its apparent endgame relationship.

With Gaby acting like nothing less than a standout human being, someone with standards for herself and who had genuinely won Matty’s heart, there was suddenly another option for Matty. It’s not like Colin, who was conceived to lead Jenna astray and had very few redeeming features – she was all the things that Jenna wasn’t, and it shone a light on her many shortcomings as a girlfriend and a friend.

This was all wrapped in a cushion of stupidity and filler, with Sadie realizing that she was a bitch (duh), Lacey realizing that she’s pregnant and Lissa realizing that God probably loves gay people as well. This was all fine, but I can’t abide the show using Tamara for something as stupid as deciding to marry a guy she just met so that he has something to look forward to while he’s on tour. Tamara is a smart girl, why must Awkward dumb her down?!?

Season 4b has had its moments, but the way it has treated Matty and Jenna’s relationship has been endlessly frustrating, undoing a lot of the good work previous seasons had done to make both complex, sympathetic human beings. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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