Scorpion Season 1 Review “Talismans”

Scorpion 110 Talismans 03

On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” the team got involved in a different kind of fatigue that had nothing to do with being burned out on the job, in “Talismans.” We’re talking of the military variety, down to the aforementioned outfits, and if you are among those like myself that thought you’d never see the day you’d see the likes of Katharine McPhee in solider garb, well, you were in for a treat.

When Cabe called in with the latest job, it turned out to be in war-torn Bosnia, which, as he confirmed, is still a “thing.” In this case, it was a downed plane, which the team were tasked with retrieving a piece of high-end software from, while the Navy SEALS sent with them were supposed to bring back the pilot, fallen soldier Javier Barrios (Ace Marrero), assumed dead. Leading up that team was Jim Corbett (Jake McLaughlin), who almost immediately butted heads with Walter.

Complicating matters enormously was the presence of violent rebels in the area, who the military feared would steal said technology. As it turned out, it was actually considerably worse than that, as the rebels had actually conspired to bring the plane down, with the unwitting help of loner Igor (Michael Klesic), a local in the area with some computer expertise. They also had apprehended Barrios and were currently in the process of trying to torture the necessary information out of him to crack the encryption on the software at hand.

That left it up to the two at-odds teams to save the day, with each bringing to the table their own particular brand of expertise. As the military team did their best to keep Walter’s team out of harm’s way when the rebels opened fire, Walter and company steered the others in the right direction of the likely place where Barrios might be, as well as navigating through a minefield and other obstacles. In the end, they got their man and emerged relatively unscathed, save Happy twisting her ankle or something to that effect.

This was a fairly entertaining episode, with some nice quirky touches, such as Igor’s love of all things 80’s sitcom (and porn, of course) and the unorthodox bonding between Walter and Corbett, who begrudgingly learned to respect one another. We also got an extended visit from Walter’s sister, Megan (Camille Guaty, vacationing from her regular gig at “Happyland”), who did some bonding of her own with Sylvester, who stayed behind to help navigate the team from afar.

I’m still not sure why Paige went along, given the circumstances- I’d have thought she would have taken a pass on this particular mission, given the high danger level and the fact that she’s a single parent! But it’s a minor quibble, and it was worth it to see her decked out in camo, I suppose. Another plus: Toby and Happy’s fairly inevitable bonding, as he finally confessed he had feelings for her.

All in all, another solid episode, I’d have to say. I like that each mission is wildly different from the next and that they each have their own quirks and twists respective to each mission. I also like that most everyone on the team has a chance to shine and bring something to the table, which is crucial in a show like this with an extended cast of characters working together. So far, so good, “Scorpion.”

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you enjoy seeing the team decked out in camouflage? Did you get a kick out of Igor? How about the chemistry- or anti-chemistry, as it were, between Walter and Corbett? What was Paige thinking going on this particular mission? How cute were Happy and Toby when he was carrying her on his back down the road to safety? Sound off below and see you next episode!