The Originals Season 2 Review “The Brothers That Care Forgot”

The Originals 208 The Brothers That Care Forgot 10

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” it was all about the brothers- and one sister- in “The Brothers That Care Forgot.” As Klaus did his best to turn brothers Kol and Finn against their mother, Esther, Elijah rushed to meet Rebekah after she got wind that Esther had finally tracked down her location. But was it Esther? Or was it actually Dahlia?

Meanwhile, Hayley tried her best to rally the werewolf troops, calling a meeting at the church, with the hopes that Jackson could be the Alpha they needed him to be. Helping matters immensely was the newly-discovered revelation that each werewolf has individual special powers that could be harnessed through marriage. Because of this, all werewolves had essentially acquired the same powers over time, save one: Hayley’s hybrid-based ability to change-or not change- at will.

As such, a marriage between her and a given werewolf could change the game just enough to make a huge difference, in terms of talking people out of siding with Esther, as it would render moonlight rings pointless, and that was pretty much the main reason wolves were siding with her in the first place. Obviously, as an Alpha and as her intended betrothed, selecting Jackson as the lucky groom was a bit of a no-brainer, though one wonders how Klaus and especially Elijah will react to this newfound development.

On the Davina front, she had the no doubt incredibly satisfying experience of kicking Klaus’ butt again, this time with the full intention of poisoning him and putting him out of transaction. She would have succeeded, but unfortunately for her, everyone concerned admitted that Klaus was essential in defeating Esther and Davina begrudgingly gave him the antidote to the poison he ingested when he did as expected and attacked her after Davina provoked him.

A big part of convincing her came via Camille, who discovered exactly what Esther did to her on the last episode- basically prepared her to be the host vessel for an impending transfer. However, rather than being intended for Esther herself, it actually turned out to be for Rebekah, who she was convinced would take her mother up on her offer to be mortal again.

Maybe so, but for now, Rebekah is on the run, and Klaus and company are headed to meet up with her at some undisclosed locale. As for Elijah, it would seem that his mother’s tinkering with him had some after-effects no one saw coming, as he took out nearly an entire restaurant of people for seemingly no good reason, so Rebekah understandably bolted after snapping his neck.

That was about it for this episode, but it was enough to set the stage for a promising winter finale, what with Klaus now made aware of the whole Dahlia situation and on the way to hopefully secure his daughter’s safety, with Hayley’s aid. Assuming that those crows (or ravens or whatever) were indeed spies for Dahlia, we should also be meeting her in the present soon enough, which should be interesting. There are a whole lot of directions this could go, so I’m definitely intrigued by the possibilities. I have a feeling we’re in for a bumpy ride- and a big cliffhanger, to boot. I guess we’ll find out next week.

What did you think of “The Originals”? What will Klaus and Elijah make of Hayley’s unexpected impending nuptials? Can Cami’s situation be undone? Is Kol really on Team Klaus now? What will become of Finn? What’s up with Elijah? IS Dahlia really back, and does she know that Hope is alive, so to speak? Where’s Esther hiding herself? Sound off below and see you for the big winter finale!