Jane The Virgin Episode 7 Review “Chapter Seven” – Not-So Saint Jane

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In this episode of Jane the Virgin, called “Chapter Seven,” Jane and Rafael move their relationship forward a little quickly for my liking.

While I did think the kiss at the end of last week’s episode was ultra-romantic, for some reason I didn’t have the same reaction to Jane and Rafael’s date in this episode. I think that I, like Jane, felt it become too real when Michael’s feelings were hurt. I know, I know, just last week I was theorizing about what if it was meant to be, but somewhere in this episode I lost that feeling.

I knew Jane and Rafael had a connection, I just didn’t expect them to move this fast. One minute she’s engaged to Michael and the next minute she’s telling her mother than she wants to be with Rafael. Call me cynical, but I don’t know if you can know that about someone after just one date – even if it was a mega-long date that had your mother panicking and your father enlisting his millions of followers to join in the search for you.

Even if I try to wrap my head around Jane and Rafael being destined for each other, there is such a thing as being nice and maybe holding off so as not to break the heart of the man who had just been your fiance. That’s why I didn’t feel any anger toward Michael when he slept with his partner. That was obviously the symptom of a man who was hurting and looking for comfort.

As for the rest of the episode, I loved how the nun decided to use Jane as a way to get more people into the church. All those people looking for hugs so they could get pregnant were hilarious, especially when Jane didn’t realize why it was happening at first. I could see how she could think they were fans of Rogelio’s. From what we’ve seen, it’s not something I’d put past his fans.

Rogelio and Xo’s double-date was adorably awkward. They’re both trying so hard to be with other people when it’s obvious that they belong together. Though I do have to admit that I did develop a little crush on Marco. I mean if Rogelio wasn’t in the picture, that guy would be perfect for her.

My favorite bits:

The stop sign changing to warn Jane to stay away from Rafael.

All the little images on the screen popping up as Xiomara named all the reasons things could get complicated for Jane and Rafael.

“OMG! It’s him! It’s him!” – That line being said in the narrator’s voice was fantastic.

Petra and her mother trying desperately to keep Ivan quiet in the closet.

Petra’s pointing out that Ivan’s price may have gone up, in light of recent events.

The nuns basically selling off Jane’s fertility.

Discovering how the little girl knew that Xo had just ended things with someone.

Rafael’s smile getting bigger each time he said “It’s not a date.”

Rogelio suggesting he and Xo go on a double date. Right, because that won’t be awkward.

Michael finding that note from Rafael. Ouch.

Jane laying eyes on one of those coins.

Jane: “I am not a saint.”
Sister Margaret: “Yes. We made that clear on the website.”

Rogelio kissing his date while staring at Xo.

Poor Jane being the sober pregnant girl in the nightclub.

Rogelio’s not-so subtle cough that interrupted Xo and Marco’s kiss.

Petra and her mother accidentally poisoning Ivan. Oops.

Drunk Rogelio. That is all.

Finding out that Petra poisoned Ivan on purpose. That was kind of brilliant.

Rogelio rallying his followers to help find Jane.

Poor Michael suggesting that Xo ask Rafael about Jane’s whereabouts. That hurt my heart.

Jane offering hugs to keep her job. Well, there are certainly worse ways to do that.

What did you think of this episode of Jane The Virgin? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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