Castle Season 7 Review “Kill Switch”


After a light and comical visit to the Wild West last week, Castle changed gears this week with ‘Kill Switch’. The episode was heavy, emotional and all about our favorite supporting characters. The night started out with Beckett and Castle paying a visit to a crime scene involving the death of a government agent, dead on a park bench. After investigating the situation, and listening to Castle’s always hilariously colorful theories, the trail leads the precinct to a possible suspect, Jarrod Stone.

Stone was initially thought to be just a hacker, but we quickly learn that there is more to his story. Wearing a suicide vest, Stone takes hostages and is willing to blow up a subway car filled with innocent travelers and Esposito, who was by himself. Stone wants his girlfriend released from prison and. Prior to getting on the subway Ryan and Esposito has a heartfelt moment of bonding – cluing us in that something sinister and life changing was ahead for these two. Their shared time was great to see as Esposito joked that his biological clock was ticking. As mush as he jokes, we see the gentler side of him and his desire to start a family with Laney, who he says wants to keep their relationship the way it is. After the hostage crisis she is sure to change her mind!

We find out as ‘Kill Switch’ progresses that Stone is sick and it allows Esposito to take control. In the end, Esposito walks away safe and as a hero. The episode was a great change of pace. What did you think Castle fans? Leave your comments below.