Gotham Season 1 Review “LoveCraft”


On the latest episode of “Gotham,” Harvey Dent’s plan to draw out “LoveCraft” by dangling witness to the Waynes’ murder Selina Kyle in hopes of his trying to take action against her worked all too well, as assassins came out of the woodwork to descend upon Bruce’s home in search of our feline friend. Leading the charge was Larissa Diaz (Lesley-Ann Brandt, “Spartacus”), aka the deadly Copperhead- typically a male in the comics, but made female in last year’s “Batman: Arkham Origins” videogame, although this incarnation loses the wacky suit. It does, however keep the insane, snake-like moves, best evidenced in the grand finale here.

However, contrary to Dent’s hunch that Lovecraft was behind the Wayne murders, Gordon found out different, as he tracked down the man in his safe-house and discovered that Lovecraft was in fear for his life as well- and with good reason, as Copperhead soon descended upon him as well, putting Gordon in a sleeper hold and knocking him out, stealing his gun, shooting Lovecraft with it and framing it like a suicide. We never did quite see what information Lovecraft had proving both his innocence and pointing in the direction of the real culprit, so I guess the mystery will remain unsolved for now.

Meanwhile, while all this was going on, Kyle and Bruce took to the mean streets of Gotham, trying to stay hidden away from the thugs after them- or at least Selina. Dropping by the “Flea.” a sort of mall for the unprivileged, Kyle sought out a fence to pawn some stuff she snagged from Bruce’s home, including his father’s watch from a few eps back. The two had a run-in with Ivy, who even Kyle seemed afraid of, interestingly enough. She was civil enough to Bruce, but Kyle seemed wary of his revealing his identity to her- probably with good reason, as we know she eventually will become Poison Ivy.

Alas, the fence in question knew that Kyle was in high demand and captured the two, sending for Copperhead and her crew to fetch them. Fortunately, Gordon, Bullock, Alfred and company weren’t far behind and all hell broke loose as a shoot-out ensued. Kyle escaped while Bruce had a run-in with Copperhead, who bailed after the cops came in, and was reunited with the determined Alfred, who, it must be said, was in full-on bad ass mode this episode, beating down thugs with a stick, shooting another- and getting shot himself for his troubles- and even smack-talking and pulling a knife on Butch at one point. Gotta say, I’m loving Alfred 2.0.

Also happening was the fallout from Falcone’s money being destroyed, which he was understandably upset about. First, he took out the guard in charge of watching over the vault, then he upped the take on his people, which no one was happy about, though Fish used it as an excuse to suck up a bit- kind of a dubious move on her part, really, as it only served to make her look guilty. Of course, Falcone already knows she is conspiring against him, which Penguin was all too happy to remind him of when Falcone pointed a finger at him.

However, Penguin continues to hold his cards close to his vest, refusing to confirm that he knew good and well Fish had been behind the heist, and that she had Liza working Falcone from the inside to boot. I’d say I hope he knows what he’s doing, but we know from experience that he does, so there you go. Still, he’s definitely walking a thin line with all of this, to be sure.

In the end, the Mayor was enraged by all of these goings-on with Dent and Gordon and made the latter the fall guy for Lovecraft’s suicide, demoting him to security guard at Arkham Asylum, which I’m sure will be just a peachy gig. So, the Bullock thing is done, unfortunately, though Gordon did manage to save his life at one point during the shoot-out, so at least they went out with a- ahem- bang. Ed Nygma certainly was broken up about it, though.

On the bright side, Selina revisited Wayne manor to return Bruce’s stuff, including the aforementioned watch- and he finally got that much-alluded to kiss, so there’s that. All in all, a pretty solid mid-season finale, after an admittedly lackluster previous episode. I’m a little unsure where some of this is headed- particularly in terms of Gordon’s reassignment- but I’m still in, overall. Despite some missteps along the way, “Gotham” has mostly been pretty entertaining- certainly enough to keep watching.

What did you think of the “Gotham” winter finale? Has the series maintained your interest thus far, or does it feel like a bit of a failed experiment? Where do you think the show is headed from here? What would you like to see? What things would you change about it? Who’s your favorite villain? How about your favorite actor on the show? Sound off below, and I’ll see you at the same bat-time, on the same bat-channel in January!