Haven Season 5 Review “Reflections”

Haven - Season 5

Things aren’t looking good for Audrey. Her cough is growing worse and she found out this week that her body is deteriorating at a cellular level. I’m not sure how Dr. Cross got all that from a blood sample, but will go with it for sake of argument. We don’t know why this is happening to Audrey. Is it because she is not supposed to be separated from Mara, or is it because she has stayed too long out of the barn? We seem to be getting more questions than answers these days.

At the end of last week, we found out that Dr. Cross isn’t who she says she is. Confronted with this fact, Dwight still gives her the benefit of the doubt. We didn’t learn who Dr. Cross works for, but we did see that she has a file on Audrey and her previous incarnations. This means that Dr. Cross knew all about the Troubles before she arrived in Haven.

As expected, Duke and Mara hooked up this week. It was just a matter of time after she started cozying up to him on the boat. I initially wasn’t fully opposed to the idea, but once I saw it in action, I changed my mind. There was something creepy about eyeliner-Audrey getting it on with Duke. Maybe if we’d seen less of it, it wouldn’t have been so uncomfortable. I also couldn’t help thinking that Jennifer hasn’t been gone all that long and Duke is already moving on. Guess he didn’t love her that much after all. Instead, his Audrey obsession made killer Mara too irresistible. Has Duke completely forgotten this is the same woman that shot the café guy in the head and rammed the pencil in the woman’s eye so she could steal her clothes? Even if Mara has feelings for Duke, that doesn’t erase the fact that she is evil.

As for Nathan, I’d really like him to find something to worry about besides Audrey. He has a one-track mind that’s starting to make him sound like a broken record. I’m surprised Audrey isn’t feeling smothered by her Nathan shadow.

I’ve been trying to figure out the deal with the Troubles. If what Dr. Cross says is true, that the Troubled have a distinct gene, how does that fit in with Mara? I get that they would be hereditary from generation to generation, as we’ve seen throughout the series, but is the idea then that Mara alters people’s genes? This mixture of science and the supernatural seems suspect. Also, Duke is constantly in fear that he is going to let loose some horrible Trouble. But, as we saw with his steamy Trouble this week, all that needs to happen to neutralize the Trouble is for Duke to face his feelings. So why can’t he just do that every time? Seems like an easy enough solution to the problem.

Since I’ve been complaining about wanting to know more about the Troubles, I decided to watch some of the Haven Origins webisodes. I haven’t made it through them all, but they do give an olden times look at Haven. If you haven’t watched them, they’re on YouTube and help to give the show some more context.