The Originals Season 1 Review “Chasing the Devil’s Tail”

The Originals 207 Chasing The Devils Tail 01

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the family chaos raged on, as Elijah continued to struggle under the spells cast on him by mother Esther, in “Chasing the Devil’s Tail.” Recognizing a wound on Elijah’s shoulder as being something that could be remedied by a particular flower, Klaus set out to find it, as Hayley stood watch, vowing to go after everything Esther held near and dear- a threat she would indeed make good on by the episode’s end.

Meanwhile, Davina continued to work on the delinking spell, with an assist from Kol, at least until mama Esther compelled him home via a spell. She also told Finn to step it up with Cami, which he was all too happy to do when she seemed to want to escalate the nature of their relationship, implying that there might be something more there, as in of a romantic nature.

Naturally, this was actually a trap to bait Kol, so that they could capture Finn, which did indeed succeed, albeit not without complications, as he realized that it was such and took out Aiden and Josh, albeit only briefly, before moving on to Hayley. Jackson showed up late in the game with an assist to save the day, after a pep talk earlier in the episode from Hayley as he set fire to the late Oliver and sent him floating into the bayou on a boat. But it was ultimately Cami that ensnared him, via some magical shackles.

While all this was going on, Klaus continued his search for the elusive flower, eventually stumbling upon Ansel, aka his biological father. Insisting he can help, Klaus begrudgingly accepts and Ansel attempts to bond with his wayward son. Unfortunately, when he drops that he’s well aware that Klaus’ child is very much alive, Klaus doesn’t take any chances- at least once they successfully obtained the flower in question. Alas, that meant this particular father-son reunion was decidedly short-lived, as Klaus not only killed Ansel, but gift-wrapped him and sent him to Esther’s door, which nearly sent her over the edge altogether.

Of course, that’ll be nothing compared to the reaction she has when she realizes that Klaus and company have both Kol and Finn captured at their place. That can’t end well, right? What did end well was Elijah’s comatose state, which was indeed healed by a combination of the aforementioned flower and Klaus managing to interact with him via his unconscious mind in a sort of dream-like state. The ball is clearly in Klaus and company’s court- but for how long? Also, Mikael is still out and about, no doubt waiting to strike at the most inopportune moment imaginable, so I wouldn’t rest too easy if I were them.

There was also some business with Davina and Kol in which he suggested daggering Klaus until she could complete the delinking spell so that he’d be out of the way, and some talk about Kemiya, an Arabic form of magic in which objects are charmed to do something magical whether the person wielding them is capable of magic or not, which Kol is not, personally. Since Klaus is a hybrid, the dagger needs to be charmed accordingly, in order to work on him. Davina seems onboard with this idea, but Marcel arrives and when Davina awakens after a struggle, she discovers the white oak stake is gone. Meanwhile, Esther tracks down Cami and puts a spell on her, which we don’t quite know the nature of just yet.

That was about it, but it was a solid enough episode. I didn’t expect Ansel to get clipped so soon after his return, so that was a surprise, and I also didn’t expect Marcel and Hayley to successfully abscond with Kol and Finn, either, so that was pretty impressive as well. I do think Esther will live to regret it if she hurts Cami for real, given the chips Klaus and co. hold at the moment. Like I said, that’s not going to end well.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Were you happy with the turn of events in Klaus’ favor? Were you sad to see Ansel go so soon? Do you think that Finn and/or Finn will be the next to go? What was Esther up to with Cami? Can Davina ever get her spell together? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next time!