Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 8 Review


Warning: If you haven’t seen Broadchurch, this review may spoil details from the UK version of the show. I will be referencing plot points when dicussing the mystery and characters of Gracepoint throughout the series and so, if you don’t want things to be ruined, go no further.

One of the great things about Broadchurch, and now Gracepoint, is that the pieces of the mystery are so carefully placed and endlessly fascinating that it’s completely believable that the same set of circumstances would have a different outcome. It’s what made me want to watch the remake in the first place – to see the puzzle reshuffled to give an alternate answer.

And, after last week’s complete detour from the original story, we’re back on familiar ground with episode eight. This may be a little disappointing, but it isn’t nearly as annoying as it was before. We know now that the show is capable of original thought, and a good episode without the security of existing, proven plots, and that’s a comforting reminder that all of this will eventually be worth it.

So the red herring of Tom’s disappearance may not turn out to mean anything, but it could also mean everything. It’s easy to zoom in on the little differences between the two shows, but I’m also inclined to take those things with a pinch of salt. We know the killer will be someone different, but the original answer was so out of nowhere (in the best way) that that fact makes everyone a suspect all over again.

I doubt it’s Susan Wright, however, and Paul is looking so darn guilty right now that I also don’t think it could possibly be him. Was him finding both the bike and Tom himself too convenient not to have been planned? Maybe, but everyone knows that the prime suspect this late on in a show’s run can’t be the person actually behind. It’s better to look at those who aren’t making a lot of noise – the psychic maybe, or the landlady.

I’m sad that, after such a great and exciting episode seven, now Gracepoint has gone right back to the rule book, but the groundwork done with Tom’s disappearance and the town search party has certainly helped to make the characters feel a bit more real – more organic and less like imitations of their namesakes.

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