Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “She Believes”

Covert Affairs - Season 5

And I thought Covert Affairs was moving fast in the front part of Season 5. We’re not even 4 episodes in the second half and Eyal has already made an appearance, Ryan is back on his feet making trans-Atlantic flights, Auggie his been kidnapped and taken to Chechnya, and the first recurring guest star has been killed. Each episode has improved upon the other as well. Will everything be resolved with Belenko next week leaving the final two episodes as a resolution? This is the route I’d rather be taken considering the “Georgian” diplomat has escaped Annie twice. Having him eliminated still leaves room for dealing with the fallout of his actions. I could also see Mashkov discovering Stephanie as an asset in that time and seeking out revenge on her. There’s Joan’s whole Balkan business as well.

If this ends up not being the case though, I won’t be disappointed (so long as Belenko is indeed gone/in jail by the end of the season- we don’t want another case of wearing out your welcome a la Henry Wilcox). Shawn Doyle has brought an intelligent menace to the show in Aleksandre. He also never answered Olga’s question about losing someone you love and having to deal with the pain. Based on the final moments of the episode, I’m taking a guess that Auggie and his fellow soldiers were indeed involved in the deaths of certain loved ones. Why does Auggie get to live (a part from the fact because he’s a lead on the show and therefore not expendable)? I don’t know. Perhaps Belenko is a fan of 10 Little Indians and wants to save the worst-doer of the group for last.

More Thoughts As I Pretend To Pick Out Fruit

– While I’m happy with the breakneck speed at which the plot is moving, I would have preferred to see more of Lynn Collins. Out of her three appearances this was the only one with any real meat to it. Yes, this is Annie’s show, not hers, but Olga could have been an exciting addition to dealing with Belenko in Chechnya. Collins made her short stay memorable (that pause at wanting to shoot Belenko as he lay in the trunk spoke volumes), yet her death would have resonated more had she been around longer. Not to mention she and Annie made a formidable team.

– Reason #17 Why Belenko is Awful: He “corrects” himself calling Olga “Ms. Akarova” vs “Mrs.”

– Hey, it’s That Guy: Shumer played by Matthew Bennett aka Aaron Doral aka Number 5 from Battlestar Galactica. We just can’t get away from the Cylons.

– How Convenient: No hearing Belenko scream in the apartment complex (really?); Annie, Olga and Shumer not running into any hotel staff while bringing out Belenko; and the CIA’s quick clean-up of Olga’s body (at least we got Annie mentioning that fact).