The Amazing Race Season 25 Review “Hot, Sexy Knights”

The Amazing Race 2508 Hot Sexy Knights 06

The Amazing Race returned tonight with “Hot, Sexy Knights”, as the teams make their way to the mysterious island of Malta. Is it Greece? Spain? Italy? Who knows! It was a fun trip to the island, though, as nobody had to scramble to a travel agent or airport to get a flight. Instead they all got on a ferry and started giving each other code names! I’m a bit surprised that the cyclists are one of the most hated teams, as they have always been one of my favorites. I’m still definitely not a fan of the dentists, especially after they picked the incredibly unoriginal code names Molar and Cuspid. Lame!

The glass carrying challenge at Malta was pretty darn brutal for a non Detour or Road Block. Usually these little tasks only take people a few minutes to complete, and introduce them to the culture of the new country. However, this one was pretty intense! Not only did you have to have the skill to balance these glasses, but you needed the strength to carry them up all those stairs!

Unfortunately, this challenge didn’t really matter at all, since the Road Block equalized everybody to within 15 minutes of each other. It’s always annoying when this happens, but it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to do these challenges in the middle of the night. This rappelling company isn’t open 24/7, after all. I just wish there was some way for the teams who were in the front of the pack to maintain their lead, instead of just a measly 15 minutes.

The Detour tonight was actually a blind Detour, where no other details on the challenges were given. I believe this is the first time they’ve ever done this, and it’s a pretty interesting idea. It’s cool seeing people run off without any clue of what they’re going to do, but there’s not really any penalty for switching detours. It would be a bummer if you picked a bad detour, and you either can’t switch or get a big penalty for switching, but that’s not the case. You just take a five minute walk to the other detour and that’s that.

The actual challenges themselves were pretty fun, though. The flag challenge was by far the more interesting one, and the one that the producers seemed to want everybody to do, but it was so dang hard that nobody could even complete it! I can’t remember the last time we had a challenge that not a single person could even do! It was funny seeing a Wipeout style challenge where Robbie fell on his balls, but maybe they could have made it a little easier for the teams.

The armor shining one definitely wasn’t very visually appealing or exciting, but it was the obligatory “hard work” Detour that we have on just about every episode. The Flag challenge could have theoretically been done in one minute, but this one had to take some time no matter what.

So Tim and Te Jay finally went home tonight. THe last five teams are all pretty tough, so it’s gonna get real!

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Random Thoughts:

– The cameramen on this show always do such a great job at staying unseen, but I actually saw them a few times tonight! During the glass carrying challenge and Phil’s “in the field” report on Kym and Alli.

– Does it still freak anybody out when you see a woman running with no arm? I mean, I know that it’s Bethany and all, but i

– It was pretty ironic for the professional wrestler to ask “Where do they come up with these sports?”