Survivor Season 29 Review “Getting to Crunch Time”

Survivor Blood Water 2909 Getting to Crunch Time 03

After skipping the post-Tribal “blue screen” scenes for the past few episodes, they came back with a vengeance in tonight’s Survivor episode “Getting to Crunch Time.” These scenes usually don’t last too long, but we had multiple confessionals and quite a bit of bickering before the credits rolled. After the chauvinistic stuff from last week, it really seems like they’re trying to edit Keith into somewhat of a villain this season. I actually liked him quite a bit when the season started, but all of his bickering with Misty and being a jerk to the women is really starting to paint him in a negative light. Shame. At least he helped Misty out of the mud a little later!

The reward challenge was a fun one, despite the simplicity of the premise. It was interesting to see the different strategies coming out as the players wobbled on that stick. The most impressive player to me, surprisingly, was Natalie. Jaclyn dove for her twice in an attempt to knock her off, and Natalie barely moved! She might have really bugged me on The Amazing Race, but the girl knows how to have a low center of gravity!

Her great strategic play continued when she gave up her spot in the reward to Jon, followed by Jeremy giving his spot to Jaclyn. This was a great move for her and Jeremy, as it not only thanks them for picking their alliance last week but cements them together for the foreseeable future. It might not keep them friends forever, but you’ve got to vote with her for at least one week, right? You can’t just vote against her after she gave you her sandwiches! Reed was understandably a bit miffed about Natalie giving up her spot, but I think he’s just upset he didn’t think of it first!

The immunity challenge was pretty funny in theory, but not so much in execution. I’m all for originality, so I loved hearing that this was the first challenge in Survivor history to be played with your feet, but it didn’t make it any more fun to watch. It was just people clumsily setting up blocks on a table.

The pre-Tribal scramble was even crazier than usual with a bona fide Idol witch hunt going on. No idols have been played yet, so everybody is itching to know who does and doesn’t have one in their pocket. However, this led to Reed doing one of my pet peeves and going through Keith’s bag. This really pisses me off. You should not be allowed to go through other people’s personal belongings, and Reed acting like it was Keith’s fault for “leaving a paper trail” is total BS. I hope that Survivor does the right thing and makes it a rule that you can’t go through somebody’s bag. It’s a total violation of privacy and it should not be allowed. Oh, and by the way, I had no idea that the idols came with a paper totally filled with rules! I want to read those rules! I had no idea it was so complicated!

I definitely feel bad for Jeremy going home after giving up his spot on the reward, but the guy was always a bit too intimidating for his own good. I’m excited to see him join Josh at Ponderosa, though. That should be interesting!

Random Thoughts:

– This season has to be the new record for number of times one of the tribe members has addressed Jeff at a challenge to ask for a rule change.

– I loved how Wes literally said “I don’t want to get hashtag blindsided” to Natalie, and then Keith said in his confessional that Wes was very subtle in telling Natalie he didn’t want to get blindsided. Um…he just said it out loud. Not very subtle.

– Dude, that was a lot of crabs crawling around at Exile with Jeremy lying next to them. I would quit. Immediately.