Forever Season 1 Review “6 A.M.”

Forever (ABC) Episode 9 6 A.M (7)

I’ve been hard on Forever throughout its short run so far, but I’m not above admitting when an episode worked for me. Admittedly, as a jazz fan, there was certainly a lot to like in “6 A.M.” but this episode offered enough creative scenes to make me happy that I sat through it.

Which isn’t to say this was an episode free of all of the show’s usual problems. We still got the usual parade of red herrings, lack of Martinez character development, and scenes of Morgan being a pompous jerk. However, these problems were, for once, outweighed by the good. For example, this week saw Lt. Reece get more involved with the case thanks to a passion for jazz and a personal connection to the case.

It also gave us some legitimately funny material for Lucas. This is a character that can be a little annoying because of the show using him to make fun of geek stereotypes, but here, his excitement at recreating a crime scene and a chance to be the expert Morgan needed helped him shine. In fact, the entire “auto-topsy” scene was great, as it was one of the first times the show has offered a fun, creative scene as Morgan went digging through layers of melted pleather.

The central mystery itself was a bit ho-hum, though more engaging than previous ones. Again, the jazz setting helped, but this week’s guest cast gave strong performances, to the point that I was excited to watch their scenes. And though the detectives spent a lot of time chasing painfully obvious red herrings – it is absolutely never the guy we see threatening the murder victim at the top of the hour – the final resolution was satisfying and surprising.

What still doesn’t work on this show are Morgan’s flashbacks, which fail to offer any sort of deep look into his past lives. Here, we learned that Morgan was an uptight father figure who wanted Abe to learn classical piano. Of course, Abe liked jazz, which… past Morgan never really objected to. So why then would he be giving Abe such a hard time about it in the present if they’d already come to terms with it in the past? Also, did Morgan really need a flashback to remind him to give the saxophone case a thorough once-over? Nobody just felt the reel behind the felt lining on a cursory inspection? Ugh.

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