Castle Season 7 Review “Once Upon a Time in the West”

Castle Season 7 Episode 7 Once Upon A Time in the West (7)

Last night’s episode of Castle – titled Once Upon a Time in the West – marked the start of the new chapter in the life of Beckett and Castle. And as fans would expect, the couple’s honeymoon was anything but traditional as they visited a dude ranch in Arizona on a case since Beckett had used up all of her vacation days. It was great to see them out of their normal element. The murder case also gave the couple a chance to have fun undercover since the local sheriff wasn’t much help.

Posing as newlyweds, the two tried to piece together the clues to solve the murder of a New Yorker by the name of Whitney Williams who was poisoned on the dude ranch, but died when she returned back home. It turns out Whitney was also there to investigate a murder – the death of her father years ago. Sadly, it was the dude ranch owner who was responsible.

Aside from the murder case, the two also couldn’t ignore an irritated Lanie, Esposito and Ryan, who were all still upset that they missed Castle and Beckett’s wedding ceremony, even if it was a last minute affair. By the end of the show however, all was forgiven and Beckett and Castle were able to extend their stay for a real honeymoon after Ryan and Esposito gave up their vacation days.

Other laughable moments of the episode were the honeymoon activities. Poor Beckett and the hog tying! Beckett and Castle donning the old west attire was also terrific to see. What did you think ‘Castle’ fans? Was the old west episode all that you hoped for? Leave your comments below.