Haven Season 5 Review “Mortality”

Haven - Season 5
We got quite the interesting twist at the end of this week’s Haven. Turns out that the Dr. Cross, whose been causing nothing but trouble since she arrived, may not be who she claims to be. All her stories about being on the ebola frontlines and combatting global pandemics may just be smoke and mirrors to gain the trust of Dwight. What her motivations are and who she really is remains to be seen.

One thing that that Dr. Cross has highlighted is the extent to which Dwight is turning into a dictator. Nathan must regret giving him a badge. Dwight is doing exactly what he has accused Nathan of doing – making unilateral decisions without thinking through the consequences. He tells Dr. Cross about the Troubles and sets up several demonstrations to convince her. That’s a questionable decision, but you can kind of see why he’d think he needed to get her on the town’s side. But, Dwight goes a step too far when he decides to tell her about the black ether balls. Here’s where his common sense goes on vacation. Does he really think that a doctor is going to be able to quickly discover the molecular components of these floating, magical, otherworldly balls and then come up with a vaccine? That’s absurd. Judging by the previews for next week, Dwight will learn that he’s probably made a serious mistake.

Haven fans, we also received a bad omen this week. Audrey and Nathan try to calm a Troubled person who has the ability to see how someone is going to die. He touches Audrey and says that she’s going to die at the same time as her twin sister. I think we can all see the writing on the walls here. This is a potential way to close up the story in the event that the show is canceled. But, I hope that this is simply misdirection. It would be pretty bad for fans who have been dedicated to the show for so long to have it conclude with Audrey’s death.

As for Audrey’s “twin,” Mara finally convinces Duke to let her loose. It’s kind of sad that she has been able to manipulate Duke so easily. The core may be that he’s attracted to her because of her resemblance to Audrey. There was certainly a lot of tension between the two of them when they’re under Audrey’s desk. I really do enjoy the Mara scenes, particularly her smart-ass sense of humor. I’d like her to move around more and interact with people rather than sit on the chair in the boat. Emily Rose is doing such a good job with this character that it’s really enjoyable to watch her.

We still haven’t gotten the Mara/Audrey face off yet, which I really hope we get to see before the end of this season. I also want to see William return before the end of the season. It would be even better if Mara gets in a position to have to choose between Duke and William.

I’m starting to worry about how they’re going to wrap up all the story lines. I’d like to see less time focused on Troubles and more on Dave’s flashbacks, the thinnies, the ether, and Mara’s origins.