Parenthood Season 6 Review “Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped”

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 8 Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped (10)
As I mentioned in last week’s review, one of the conditions of Parenthood’s renewal for a final season was a budget cut resulted in fewer Bravermans being seen in each episode. Up until last night’s episode, the writers did a pretty good job at using the reduced cast members per episode to develop interesting storylines and give some much needed growth to characters like Drew, who has been one of the best aspects of the final season.

Curiously, the budget cuts don’t seem to have resulted in a reduction of Ray Romano on the show. Admittedly, I’m pretty sure that there were a few Hank-free episodes at the start of the season, but the last few episodes have felt like a chore to watch at times because there has been so much doggone Hank. Even worse, episodes with Hank means more screentime for Ruby. I once thought that Hank and Sarah were a package deal, but this season it’s been Hank and Ruby. If Hank is in the episode, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to be subjected to more Ruby. I guess I should be thankful that the writers aren’t making me deal with Ruby and Sydney in the same episodes week after week. Thus far, I’ve tolerated Hank because I’m interested in what the writers had in store for Sarah this season. Last night, however, felt like a very special episode of Parenthood featuring Hank, Ruby and Ruby’s mom – still can’t remember her name. Betsy Brandt will always be Marie from Breaking Bad for me, so I’m just going to call her Marie. Granted, there were a few funny moments thanks to Hank and Marie. I couldn’t help but laugh at him taking inventory of the booze and drugs going into Marie’s home as he called to let Marie know that Ruby was having a party behind their backs. That chuckle, however, was not enough to reconcile the fact that the writers are spending so much time in a shortened final season on people who are not Bravermans. I hope that there’s not much more Hank this season.

It was slightly disappointing that the episode did not pick up with Joel and Julia. Let’s just get it over with and move on. Joel and Julia were MIA this week, as the episode focused on the soap opera at Chambers Academy, Crosby’s mid-life crisis and Drew dishing out a wake up call to Amber. Of the three, the Amber/Drew stuff was the strongest. Crosby giving the bouncer crap about his marijuana was a pretty funny moment. I actually enjoyed the Crosby/Jasmine story arc as well. It’s refreshing to see that the writers have finally turned the corner with Jasmine and developed her into a great partner/wife. I’ve generally liked Jasmine in past seasons, but her deference to her mother and judgment of Crosby at times was frustrating to watch.

I was hoping the story was done with “Max is disappointed” storylines and hope his heartache over Dylan is the end of it. I’m growing weary of all of the Chambers Academy stuff, especially in light of the problems at the Luncheonette. I hope the remaining episodes will find Adam spending more time with Crosby to figure things out. It looks like Kristina has a handle on things at the school.

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