Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Review “Can We Start Again Please?”

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7 Can We Start Again Please? (4)
Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was easily my favorite of the season. The episode focused on a character I like (Amelia) and saw a return to form for another character who has felt a little erratic over the last two seasons (Bailey). First up – Amelia.

It dawned on me last night that some Grey’s Anatomy fans might not fully worship at the alter of Shonda, i.e., they might not have watched Private Practice, Scandal, etc. For the Grey’s fans who did not watch Private Practice or stopped watching during its final seasons, they would not be privy to Amelia’s very tragic and troubled back story – beyond the horrific murder of her father. Last night’s episode was a nice little Private Practice recap of Amelia’s relapse that ended with her waking up in bed with her boyfriend who had died of an overdose. Those episodes were pretty hard to watch, but that back story is what led me to like Amelia as a character.

What was a nice primer for viewers was Amelia’s worst nightmare come true as a loud, irate woman blabbed the darkest moments of her life in front of all of Amelia’s colleagues. I understand why the woman would have reservations about Amelia working on her parents and that she was upset because they were in a horrible fire, but it didn’t make her actions any more tolerable. It was nice to see Amelia find support in Richard and Caterina Scorsone did a great job at capturing Amelia’s sense of betrayal by Derek. Interestingly, Derek sounded like someone grappling with an addiction by the episode’s end. As Callie warned Meredith, the other shoe has dropped and I think Derek and Meredith are fresh out of time outs. Derek has to deal with his feelings of resentment and I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

Good thing for Meredith, all is not awry in her family. She and Maggie finally turned a corner last night. They might not be ready to exchange “world’s best sister” mugs yet, but Meredith is finally seeing Maggie as a person and not some stranger/intruder or annoying colleague. I realized last night that I might relate to Maggie because I know what it’s like to just crave people and worry that you’re on the brink of becoming a crazy cat woman. I like Maggie best when she just cuts the crap and puts her feelings out there.

The writers also did a good job at incorporating the tension between Arizona and Callie. This is due in part to Arizona spending most of the episode trying to save a mother and her baby after Dr. Herman went MIA. It was nice to see Herman step up for Arizona with the grieving husband and that she monitored Arizona’s progress remotely, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that she chose not to return Arizona’s calls or at least tell Arizona that she would be out of pocket for a few hours. Herman may have thought that Arizona needed to take initiative on her own, but in withholding information from Arizona, Herman was also leaving her patients high and dry. Arizona was competent and able, but it’s cold comfort to a patient who has put their trust in you.

In the other subplot of the night, Jo performed a solo surgery under Bailey’s supervision. It wasn’t a huge part of the episode, but it did allow viewers to see glimmers of the old Bailey that we’ve come to love. I’m always appreciative when the writers make use of the character, but they’ve really got to find more for Bailey to do. It doesn’t look like Jo has fully bounced back from the reminder she got last week about her difficult upbringing. Something is off with her, but it’s unclear if the writers will fully explore it before the winter break. I don’t dislike Jo, but I’m just not invested enough to really care what’s grinding her gears these days. One thing is sure, she was not happy about her new roommate.

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