White Collar Season 6 Review “Return to Sender” – Father Knows Best

White Collar Season 6 Episode 2 Return to Sender (12)

In this episode of White Collar, called “Return to Sender,” Peter joins Neal on a heist, giving him the chance to do a little practice fathering.

I wouldn’t peg White Collar as the kind of show to go meta, but that’s the word I might use to describe this episode. Now, they didn’t go as meta as, let’s say, this week’s 200th episode of Supernatural, but there were still meta moments. They were moments that I know I enjoyed a lot and I’m betting most other fans did, too.

Ever since this show began, fans have loved the father/son, older brother/younger brother, whatever-you-want-to-call-it dynamic between Peter and Neal. I don’t think I was alone when I sighed (okay, squealed) with delight every time we got some good bonding moments between them. But in all these past seasons, I don’t think it was brought up like it was in this episode.

It’s appropriate that we would get to see Peter and Neal having to act as father and son now. Not only because it’s the final season of this series, but also because Peter is facing actual fatherhood. Thanks to the case, Peter got to practice his dad skills and also say some of the things I feel like he’s wanted to say for a while. The scene where Peter spoke to Bianca about his “son” and how he felt about him was absolutely beautiful. Through it we saw that Peter always wants what’s best for Neal, but isn’t sure if he’s been doing a good enough job.

As for Neal, I can’t decide if he truly has doubts about trusting Peter or if he’s just saying that as part of some act. Most of the time when he says something about distrusting Peter, he’s in front of some criminal. But then there was that moment in this episode when Peter asked Neal to trust him and Neal’s “Trust you??” nearly knocked me over. There was a lot of hate in that one little sentence and yet I saw real affection in the end when Peter and Neal were celebrating Elle’s pregnancy. I’m starting to wonder if even Neal isn’t sure how he feels about Peter.

Keller being back in the picture added an interesting complication. Now both Neal and Keller each have something on the other, which is going to force them to work together. This makes me very nervous as things did not go well the last time they tried that. But for now Neal is still on his way to getting his freedom and that’s the most important thing.

My favorite bits:

Elle and Peter already fighting over whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. Too cute.

Not being at all surprised to see the size of the contract when Neal revealed that he got help from Mozzie with it.

Peter: “I can assure you the FBI has no interest in a scenario that ends with a cross-examination by Mozzie.”

Neal: “What’s your bigger game? You going to take down the postal service?”

Peter pointing out that he had a lot to protect from Keller.

Neal: “Keller’s day will come.”
Peter: “You’re damn right it will.”

Neal: “I don’t think ‘exhilarating’ and ‘stamp’ have ever been used in such quick succession.”

“I hope you realize how lucky you are to have ever kissed a human female.” – Neal’s eye roll after that sentence was epic.

Mozzie figuring out Elle’s secret. Loved his excitement when he went to give her a hug. So sweet.

Mozzie announcing that he had delivered a baby or two.

Jones pointing out that the “African-American thing” might tip off Bianca that he wasn’t Neal’s dad.

Haha! That whole conversation about Peter playing Neal’s father was hilarious.

Peter as Neal’s father. That is all.

Peter talking to Bianca about his relationship with his “son.” That was so adorable. We all know he was talking about Neal, right?

Bianca: “As long as he’s in your life, you will always have time to make it right.”

Neal reluctantly agreeing that Peter wasn’t “too shabby” at improv. Ya think, Neal?

Mozzie: “Access to your wine collection was well worth the betrayal of my principals.”

Neal coming in the door and calling Elle and Peter “Mom” and “Dad.” It was all fun and games until they started asking Neal to do chores.

Neal telling his “dad” to “take it easy.”

Giggling every single time Neal called Peter “dad.”

Neal lifting his collar and revealing the stamp. That sneakily brilliant man.

Peter: “Is your freedom worth dying for?”
Neal: “It might be.”

Neal leaving that teeny, tiny message for Keller. Amazeballs.

Peter telling Neal that Elle is pregnant.

Neal: “Based on the 24 hours you were my dad, I’m pretty damn sure that kid just won the parent lottery.” – Awwww!

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!