Survivor Season 29 Review “Wrinkle in the Plan”

survivor blood water 2908 Wrinkle In The Plan 07

The vast majority of Survivor episodes start with the “blue vision” scenes where the team makes their way back from Tribal and we get to see the immediate fallout from the recent elimination. However, “Wrinkle in the Plan” did not start that way for the simple reason that…last week had no Tribal! Yes, Julie’s frustrating exit was still fresh in everybody’s mind as the season began, but just about everyone was saying that their plans haven’t changed. Jeremy seems to still be the target, but we have a lot of game to play!

Speaking of games, how about that reward challenge?! That had to be one of the most impressive structures I’ve seen in a while on this show, and it was by far the most complex challenge of the season. You’ve got to figure that the challenge builders only have a certain amount of materials that they can bring out to these exotic locations. They must ration them out so that they get to use a lot of their materials on these big games, but they save them on the usual ones.

Speaking of rationing (I’m on a roll with these segues!), I was cracking up at the taco overload scene. I always wonder how well these food rewards go down with these people, since they’ve been so deprived for so long. You always see them scarfing this food down, but their bodies must not be prepared to handle that many calories so fast. I’m surprised we don’t see more people overloading on this stuff!

Speaking of overloading (OK, I’m done now, I promise!), I’m starting to get a bit of Immunity Idol fatigue. It’s getting a little ridiculous how easy it is to find these things nowadays, Remember when they used to be so well hidden that you needed multiple clues to find them? Now we’re lucky if people even need one clue before finding them! It’s gotten to the point that when a player says on camera “I’m going to go look for an idol”, I just assume that they’re going to find it. It’s barely even a question. Oh, and Jon’s idol? You’ll never guess where they hid it! Wait, they hid it on the giant rock jutting out into the ocean? Like…the only identifiable landmark at Exile Island? Wow, what a shocker…

The chauvinism back at camp was an interesting development. We’ve ween plenty of scenes of Alec being kind of a jerk to Baylor, but the stuff today took it to a whole new level. Now I’m sure the reason that they’re editing the show this way is that these people really are being jerks, but what we were shown didn’t look that bad to me. Sure, they could be a little less rude to the women, but it looked like they were just trying to get them to contribute to the chores around camp. I know that you’re supposed to be a gentleman and stuff, but that doesn’t mean the guys need to do all the work. I guess we’re supposed to believe that they really were being chauvinistic, especially because unofficial narrator Jeremy seems to think they are. I just wish we saw more to support that.

Jon and Jaclyn are still the swing votes in the game, with both sides coming to them yet again. In the end Jon decided to stick with his woman and vote out one of the boys, so Josh is the first one sent to the jury. I’m sorry to see such a strong competitor go home, but I’m also excited because this means that Ponderosa is starting at! Check it out tomorrow morning!

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Random Thoughts:

– Is there ever going to be a reward that people don’t care about? It seems like they’re going to freak out no matter what type of food Jeff mentions. I mean, I like tacos as much as the next guy, but I don’t like them that much. Just once I want Jeff to tell everyone “The winner will get all you can eat…falafel”, and then you just see everybody’s ambivalent faces.

– I loved Jeff’s line during the challenge “Everybody’s workin’ hard for tacos!”

– Can we please get a roof for Tribal?! It’s so distracting seeing everybody dripping wet.