NCIS Season 12 Review “The Searchers” – Probie Eval Day

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In this episode of NCIS, called “The Searchers,” Bishop faces an important day in her new career while the team searches for the murderer of a man trying to bring closure to a family.

Well it looks like yet another person on the team was affected by Ziva’s departure. In my review of the last episode, I wondered if it was finally time for Tony to move on and now I’m hoping the same thing for Gibbs.

Just as with Tony, it never occurred to me that Gibbs’ issue had anything to do with Ziva and honestly it kind of pissed me off. But I can’t decide exactly who to direct that anger towards. I can’t really blame Ziva for something that’s happening in Gibbs’ head, but it’s also hard to blame Gibbs for something that does make some sense. He’s had two people at “that desk” and both of them are no longer there.

The reasons the desk became empty were very different, but I could see why Gibbs might think that it had something to do with him. At the same time, I feel like administering a head-slap of my own to Gibbs for doubting himself. I thought for a while that he was adjusting his training methods due to some flaw in Bishop and that he didn’t want to be too harsh on her. So I was proud of Bishop for standing up to him and demanding that she be treated like anybody else. I also liked that she pointed out the great job that Gibbs has done with Tony and McGee.

I hate that Gibbs was torturing himself over two situations that he could have done nothing to prevent. One was a terrible incident instigated by an evil man, the other was a personal choice that he could never have changed. Again, I feel like giving Gibbs a good head-slap for forgetting that he had two fantastic agents to be proud of and focusing on his perceived failures.

So now we’ve got Gibbs’ demons out about Ziva. Man, I really hope this is it. I hope we’re not going to get another episode in the future about how Abby can’t let herself find a new guy because of something Ziva said, or how Jimmy and his wife are having issues because of something Ziva did, or something else just as ridiculous. I can understand Gibbs and Tony’s reactions, but I need it to be done.

As for the rest of the episode, I was touched by the storyline involving the marine trying to find the body of the missing soldier. NCIS does a great job at sending a message of military pride, without necessarily pounding us over the head with it. This episode was another fine example of that and I found it very appropriate for Veterans Day.

My favorite bits:

Finding out that Tony had gotten a second fish and named it Ziva. I wonder what he’ll name the cat (because we all know he’s going to keep it).

Oh boy, Bishop is getting a little annoying now that she got her eval. I hope that doesn’t last.

Jimmy describing his own “little human” to come. Aw.

Bishop finding out that a high score meant it was time to turn in her badge. Interesting.

Tony’s reaction to watching Hawk’s video.

Tony realizing it was important to think about friends. of the furry variety. Aw, Rick Blaine. That’s adorable. I LOVE that the kitty has a tuxedo. I had a kitty with a tux once, too.

Finding out that Rick Blaine sat on Tony’s alarm clock. Welcome to kitty fatherhood, Tony.

“But this is about Hawkins’ murder. The location of Sergeant Kent’s remains is irrelevant to the case.”
“A missing Marine is always relevant.”

Abby finding a use for her favorite pen after it ran out of ink.

The glare from Gibbs when he realized Bishop didn’t follow his order. Oh, boy.

Breaking down when Ducky started talking about his time in Vietnam.

“When the world overwhelms, I find the best thing to do is to start by accomplishing just one little thing.” – I LOVE THAT.

Tony lost his kitty? Oh, no! I have to admire Rick Blaine for being smart enough to take the elevator, though. Interesting that Tony called him the feline version of himself.

Getting really excited about the idea of Gibbs and Tony going to Vietnam.

Tony and McGee wisely running away when Bishop and Gibbs started their little chat.

Bishop is right, Gibbs has been going easy on her. He needs to knock it off.

Abby making McGee jump to get his adrenaline up. Too cute.

Jimmy thinking that Abby meant he needed to get some ears from autopsy and not just listen. Laughed. Out. Loud.

McGee getting high off the Caff-Pow.

Abby and McGee playing doublemint twins and Jimmy joining in for the triplet.

“This is how I honor him. This is how I thank him.” – Tears. So many tears.

The little girl thanking Gibbs. I can’t.

Finding out why Gibbs was taking it easy on Bishop.

“Sit in your damn chair, Bishop.” – And… he’s back!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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