The Originals Season 2 Review “Wheel Inside the Wheel”

the originals 206 Wheel Inside The Wheel 02

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” we got some long overdue back-story on Klaus’ daddy issues- and a surprising and decidedly unexpected appearance from dear old dad himself, in “Wheel Inside the Wheel.” Shockingly enough, the surprises didn’t end there, either, making for quite the unpredictable episode overall.

We began with one of the show’s by-now-patented flashback sequences, which for my money are infinitely more satisfying than the ones on sister show “The Vampire Diaries”- or at least than they have been for some time. This one began in 972 AD Norway (!), where a young Esther was shown not to be the all-powerful witch she is now- yet- but instead the reasonably innocent sister of the real deal, Dahlia, who she called upon for help in conceiving a child with husband Mikael, which had thus far eluded her. Dahlia was all too happy to oblige her- for a price, of course.

As we later discovered, that price was all too steep, as, in return for giving her sister all sorts of kids later on, Dahlia was given her first born, Freya. In order to cover her tracks, she lied to Mikael and told him that Freya had died of the sudden onset of a plague while he was off somewhere. The lie nearly killed their relationship altogether, causing Esther to stray with another man- the very werewolf who later sired Klaus, which she also lied about to Mikael, in fear of what he’d do to her or the resulting child. The birth helped to save their marriage- at least in the short term, until Mikael found out the truth and all hell broke loose.

We know the story from there on out- or so we thought. Mikael killed Klaus’ real father, tried to kill Klaus himself repeatedly, and Klaus in turn killed his mother- or so he thought until recently. Except there was more to the story, as it turned out. Not only was Klaus’ real father alive again, albeit as of relatively recently, but there’s also some sort of curse involving sister Dahlia.

We don’t know the straight facts of that one yet, but we know that Dahlia gets to claim the first-born of every one of Esther’s descendents to the end of time, and that Klaus certainly qualifies as one of them, and unbeknownst to Esther and most everyone else, Klaus’ child is still very much alive, which means that it’s only a matter of time before the real black Dahlia comes calling, assuming she can suss out a lie, which I’m guessing is a given. Oh, and assuming she’s still alive, which, given what Esther said, is a safe assumption. So much for bringing the family together again. Nice try, Esther.

Honestly, though, what did Esther expect? You can’t go killing- or attempting to kill, at least- your own son’s child and expect him to just be okay with that, under the best of circumstances. And this is Klaus we’re talking about, mind you- not exactly the most level-headed of her sons, to say the least. It might have helped if she hadn’t been so cryptic about everything for all this time. Granted, Klaus was infinitely worse a few years back than he is now, but still. Honestly, though, even if he knew the entire story, I’m guessing he’d still be unforgiving. After all, he still has to contend with Dahlia now, and that’s all on his mother for her deal with the devil. This can’t end well, right?

Other developments: Esther finally discovered that her ex-hubby is still out there wreaking havoc; Oliver made an impassioned plea to Esther’s wolf recruits that may well have swayed them against her in the future; Hayley rescued Oliver only to see him die shortly thereafter because of a witchy curse; Jackson was declared the new alpha, at least by Oliver; Klaus met his dad for the first time- at least alive- and was not too much for the bonding with dear old dad; Cami realized that Vincent was actually Finn- and that he had genuine feelings for her that she could use against him; and Klaus finally rescued Elijah and took him home to heal. Definitely a lot to take in, to be sure.

This was absolutely one of the best episodes of the show to date, with lots of juicy back-story and unanticipated plot developments that should bode well for the future. Obviously, we’ll get to meet Dahlia, now that we know she has a thing for first-born children, and a showdown between her and her sister Esther seems inevitable, as does one with her and Klaus. That is, if Mikael doesn’t get to Esther first. Not to mention Ansel, who will likely want a rematch with Mikael as well. Lots of possibilities, definitely, and any number of ways this thing could go, all of them fairly ripe with action.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? What do you think will happen next? Who do you think will be left standing when all is said and done? Who will kill who? Who will the casualties be? Will Dahlia go after Rebekah and the baby? Or will she go after Esther first? Will Klaus mend fences with his father? Will Elijah recover? Make your predictions below and see you next week!