Jane The Virgin Episode 5 Review “Chapter Five” – Nothing’s Perfect

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In this episode of Jane The Virgin, called “Chapter Five,” Jane runs away from one person who lied to her, only to find herself running away from another.

I don’t know how many more times I can handle an episode ending with Jane devastated and in tears. I hope at least something goes right for her soon. This is starting to get a little hard to watch.

After what happened last week, it was no surprise to see Jane packing up her things to leave her mother and grandmother’s house. She needed some time away and I didn’t blame her one bit. I thought it was sweet how Michael was getting his place ready for her and they were discussing how they would live together just a week before their wedding. It was cute and adorable and of course that meant that it couldn’t possibly last.

Things with Michael were okay in the beginning of this episode, which left Jane free to go and conquer some of the other difficulties in her life. She decided to meet up with Rogelio and see if she could forge a relationship with the father she never knew. That went about as well as anything else in Jane’s life right now, which is to say pretty badly. Rogelio, in his strangely endearing way, took things so over the top that Jane ran away from him, too.

To make things worse, Rafael announced that he and Petra were getting a divorce but he still wanted to raise the baby. That wasn’t exactly what Jane had in mind so she understandably had to think on it a little bit. Of course, while she was doing that, Petra was out getting herself punched by her mother so that she could force Rafael to take her back after her attempt at seduction didn’t work.

But Jane didn’t know that when she, Rafael and Michael sat down to discuss the baby’s future. Michael had agreed to keep the baby with her and they were going to all work out custody – it wasn’t perfect, but Jane was learning to live with that.

That is until Jane found pictures at Michael’s house proving that he had known about Petra’s affair and didn’t tell her about it. She just couldn’t take one more person lying to her and once again found herself on a bus running away. I wondered for a second if she might go to Rogelio. Their relationship hadn’t gotten off to the best start, but where else did she have to go? I should’ve realized she would want her mother at a moment like that. While I was sad to see her heartbroken again, I was happy that she sought out her mother for comfort. I kind of hated seeing them apart.

And now Jane has had yet another obstacle thrown in her way. I don’t know exactly how she will handle it but if I’ve learned anything from this show it’s that Jane can tackle whatever comes her way.

My favorite bits:

Little Jane acting like a little mommy. Too cute.

Finding out that Jane once thought that her dad was Jimmy Smits.

Michael pointing out that Jane would never forgive herself if her mother wasn’t at the wedding.

The correction that Michael didn’t just dislike his brother Billy, he friggin’ hated him.

Deciding that Disgusting Tom had a very appropriate nickname.

Jane and Rogelio both being nervous about their first official meeting. Aw.

Nicholas bowing to Jane.

Totally waiting for Rogelio to fall down those stairs. Running down them was almost as funny.

Awkward conversation between Rafael and Michael is awkward.

I knew the scene with the doll would be a dream, I just didn’t realize it would be Xiomara’s.

Rogelio admitting that he prayed for great fame. Well, it sounds like someone was listening.

Lina announcing that she and Billy had sex at Jane’s engagement party.

Jane: “You don’t have to be proud with me, just honest.”

Michael quietly pouring Rogelio a drink after Jane stormed out.

Rafael admitting that he didn’t love Petra anymore.

The “baby picture” Rogelio presented to Jane. I can’t even.

Rogelio promising that he wasn’t walking away, even if it wasn’t perfect.

Petra’s mother punching her in the face. Whoa.

What did you think of this episode of Jane The Virgin? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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