Exclusive ‘Forever’ Interview: Jane Seymour Teases Her Spicy Guest Appearance

Forever (ABC) Episode 8 The Ecstasy of the Agony (3)

This Tuesday’s (January 11th) episode of Forever, “The Ecstasy of the Agony” features TV legend Jane Seymour guest starring as the love of Abe’s life. Seymour plays Maureen Delacroix, Abe’s two-time wife who returns to town with an enticing offer for Abe. Recently, TV Equals spoke with Seymour about the role, her upcoming projects and more. Check out the full interview below and catch Seymour in tonight’s episode airing at 10/9c on ABC.

TV Equals: To start off, can you tease “The Ecstasy of the Agony” for us?

Jane Seymour: I can tease my side of the story, which is that Abe has been married and divorced twice by the same woman and she comes back into town and completely rocks his life. She shows up in town and seduces him and has plans that he is very seduced by.

TV Equals: What drew you to the role of Maureen?

Jane Seymour: It was really a fun role and the opportunity to work on Forever and to work with such good writing and especially to work with Judd Hirsch, I thought was worthwhile.

TV Equals: What is Maureen and Abe’s relationship like?

Jane Seymour: It is somewhat animal. They can’t keep their hands off of one another and they know they are not necessarily good for one another, but there is definite passion between the two of them. She may have multiple husbands, but Abe was the first and she has never forgotten him.

TV Equals: Do you think we will see Maureen again?

Jane Seymour: They pretty much told me by lunchtime that we’d like you back, so now that they have been picked up for another nine shows I’m cautiously optimistic that they will get me back.

TV Equals: Did you imagine a backstory for Maureen and Abe?

Jane Seymour: We really didn’t have too much time for it, but I’m sure if Maureen comes back, the writers will have because of the nature of the show. I’m sure they will have something more interesting than what Judd and I could come up with– I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

TV Equals: How do you think Maureen would react to the truth about Abe and Henry’s relationship?
Jane Seymour: Well, she doesn’t know, does she? But she thinks she does and he is letting her think she does, but we will have to see. I don’t know how it would work with the show, but I think it would be fascinating. I don’t think Maureen has any limits to her desires. She could go in any direction pretty much.

TV Equals: What was the best part about filming an episode of Forever?

Jane Seymour: It was really fun working with Judd. I did all of my scenes with him and we kept looking at each other and wondering, how did we miss working with one another all these years? It was lovely. He made it quite clear that he wanted me to come back.

TV Equals: What do you think of the concept for Forever?

Jane Seymour: I haven’t seen enough shows to discuss it really, but I love history and I love time travel. It sounds like a very good concept to me and it is unique. You can just do so many different things.

TV Equals: What is coming up for you next?

Jane Seymour: I have a terrific Christmas movie on The Hallmark Channel called A Royal Christmas, in which I play a rather mean queen who sends her son off to college in America. He is supposed to come back and become a royal and marry a duchess, but he brings back a young girl from Brooklyn so I do everything in my power to point out this girl is not royal material. It’s a lovely Hallmark movie and my real life daughter plays the girl I want my son to marry, the duchess, Katherine Flynn. The character changes along the way– like all Hallmark movies, she changes and we find out what her problem is along the way.

I also have a wonderful documentary that is out right now called Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me and it really depicts the last year and a half of Glenn going on tour with his family to say goodbye to his fans while dealing with Alzheimer’s. Which sounds like a downer, but it isn’t. It is full of laughter because he is hysterically funny. It is an amazing journey of care giving and family and watching this man suffer from Alzeheimer’s, but at the same time the last thing to go for him was music.

TV Equals: If you could guest star on any show, what show would it be and why?

Jane Seymour: That’s too hard for me because I haven’t seen enough television to really tell you. I think, obviously, Downton Abbey because Julian Fellowes is a very old friend of mine and I’m not sure why I’m not on Downton Abbey, but if anyone is listening I would really like to be on there.

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