Revenge Season 4 Review “Ambush”

Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 Ambush (4)

At this point, I think most fans of Revenge have learned to take anything said in episode trailers with a huge grain of salt. So, when the trailer for “Ambush” promised the big reunion between Emily and David, it wasn’t a surprise that the first meeting ended up being nothing more than a brief exchange. Fortunately, the rest of the episode was still strong, building up to a conclusion that, surprisingly enough, finally delivered the meeting we’ve been waiting for.

Emily continues to struggle with the return of her father. This time, she actually met him face-to-face, a rough experience that made it even clearer to her that he’s not the man she remembers. While it’s hard to see Emily go through this traumatic experience, it continues to help give the season a strong focus, something that was sorely lacking at this point in season three.

And, ultimately, she learned even more harsh truths, discovering that David had been keeping an eye on Amanda for years, choosing to never come forward and reach out to her. As it turned out, this was the final straw, pushing Emily to storm down the beach and confront David, admitting who she really is. How this will play out is of course being saved for next week, but it’s not hard to be excited about where things will be going next.

Alright, seriously, what is the deal with Louise? Of the new characters this season, she’s by far the most bizarre and frustrating addition. I mean, Hunter’s bland, but at least his investigation into Conrad’s death ties in to the main plot. Louise, on the other hand is a random – now murderous – wild card of a psychopath who sees visions of her controlling mother. Even if she ultimately ties in somehow, it’s never going to be satisfying, or make up for all of the time wasted on her.

At the very least, Daniel escaped Louise’s orbit this week and had honest, direct conversations with his mother and Emily. It’s rare for the characters on this show to speak so frankly with one another, so it was nice to see Daniel lay things out plainly, airing his grievances before his planned break from the Victoria/Emily war. Also, his intervention added an extra layer of tension as Emily rushed to finish her infiltration mission in time.

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