The Amazing Race Season 24 Review “Pretty Fly For a Food Scientist”

the amazing race 2507 Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist 11

The Amazing Race returned tonight with the weirdly paced episode “Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist”. The teams tore their envelopes and learned that they’d be making their way from Morocco to Sicily, and thus started the biggest “Travel Fu” drama of the season thus far!

There was a solid seven minutes of screen time and a lot of importance placed on the dentists and cyclists getting an earlier flight than the rest of the teams. Everybody was frantically running back and forth between computers and travel agents all because they wanted on that early flight that arrived…40 minutes earlier. That’s it? One of the food scientists tried to convince us that 40 minutes in “race time” was a big deal, but as soon as they got to Sicily they all caught up together within minutes to dance the night away. I would have much rather just had them get all the teams quickly to Sicily and spend more time showing Misti and Jim dancing with the cyclists. Watching Jim uncomfortably jumping around with Kym and Alli, hand-in-hand no less, was easily the highlight of the episode for me. Anything that humiliates Jim is fine by me.

The Road Block in Sicily was a great one, as one of the team members had to ride a go kart up a beautiful Sicilian hillside. Not only was the actual racing itself fun to watch, but the scenery was just gorgeous. They did a great job placing those HD cameras all over the race course to make sure they got the beautiful beach and town in the background. It was also a nice level of difficulty. Even though Maya was the only one to actually fail it, everybody else seemed to have come in pretty close to the four minute mark even though they were booking it up that hill.

The Detour was not quite as good, though. The painters Detour was a little lame. First of all, it was one of those limited Detours where only a certain number of teams can compete. This always seems a little unfair to me, since I think every team should have the opportunity to do the same challenge. If you get the much easier challenge, but not everybody could even attempt it, then it’s totally unfair. However, the ironic thing was that this Detour was not very easy. I don’t know if the singers Detour was just poorly explained in the envelope, but they made it sound like you had to find out the name of the singer and the name of their opera, but that wasn’t the case. All you had to do was memorize their very distinctive costumes! That shouldn’t be that hard. The only reason the wrestlers got it wrong that one time is because they weirdly forgot to write the name of the opera underneath the name of the character. How could you not see that you did that wrong?!

So Tim and Te Jay benefitted from the second non-elimination leg of the season and were spared for at least one more week. I’m not sure if Tim and Te Jay can stick around for much longer, but I guess we’ll find out soon!

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Random Thoughts:

– Alli making fun of Jim’s “Crazy eyes” look was my favorite thing. The cyclists are good for one or two great moments per episode.

– I thought it was kind of funny that the judge at the painters detour kept giving full answers in Italian. Was there someone there to translate? Usually judges at these challenges just say “no” and walk away.

– I was a little surprised that the dentists didn’t win something a little more impressive than a trip on the 300th leg. You’d think they’d do something to celebrate the milestone.