Reign Season 2 Review “Three Queens” – Three Strong Women

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In this episode of Reign, called “Three Queens,” three very different woman proved how incredibly strong they are.

To me, this entire episode revolved around three women and now I admire all of them even more than I did before.


Mary is so incredibly honest with Francis about everything and I admire her for that. I doubt even modern people are as honest as she is, even though we’ve been taught very differently than people in her time. She is truly a queen and never falters, even when things go awry. But the one place she hoped to not to have to play a part was with her husband. So it saddened me in the end when I saw her look over his shoulder and realized that was precisely what she was doing. It’s tragic because Francis really did tell her as much as he could without putting her in danger. Yet I can’t blame her for wanting his complete truth. The fact that she chose to keep her burden to herself was yet another bit of proof as to how strong she is.


Lola refused to bow down to convention and simply go on the hunt for a husband to get the security she needed. She decided to get some of her own. She didn’t let Narcisse get the better of her either. I thought it was odd she would agree to let him watch her bathe, it just seemed so unlike her. So I was happy when she found a way to grant his request, but without scarring her reputation or pride. I am as intrigued as she is by Narcisse and wished that he wasn’t blackmailing Francis. Then I’d be hoping for them to get together. But right now I see that as a huge mistake. But I don’t think she’ll let him get the better of her, no matter what happens.


Catherine doesn’t always do things in the kindest way, but when it comes down to it, she knows how to take care of herself. She is set in her ways because she had to find the only way she could to survive her marriage and I respect her for it. At the same time, I’m just as happy that Mary is fighting so hard to see that the same thing doesn’t happen to her. It was good to see that Catherine respected Mary enough to tell Francis he needed to trust his wife. That went against everything that Catherine has believed in all of her adult life and it showed that she had the strength to accept another point of view when necessary.

My favorite bits:

Mary pointing out that she was glad Francis was honest from him, but she needed time to come to terms with what he said.

Wondering what Catherine was up tow when Mary asked to go with her on her trip.

“Legally, Bash even owns my kohl sticks and lip rouge. I’d like to see him try and take those away.”

Lola realizing that she was in a unique position and could actually have money of her own.

Discovering that Catherine had an escape hatch built into all of her carriages. Brilliant.

The entire argument between Catherine and Mary about the size of the hole Catherine twisted her ankle in.

Mary not even hesitating when the innkeeper said she could earn more by serving drinks. Good for her!

The way Catherine scarfed down her dinner. That made me laugh.

The discussion about the cost of a horse.

Mary admitting that she had joined Catherine in hopes of seeing a doctor about her fertility issues.

“Where do these stories come from? It was only one man and I just stretched him a little.”

Mary coming to the fake queen’s rescue before she was attacked by the peasants.

Narcisse giving Lola an archery lesson.

Mary actually coaching the fake queen on how to play her role better.

Catherine letting the fake queen where her crown.

Mary’s little shrug when Catherine stared her down for offering to let the fake queen keep the crown in exchange for a ride.

Narcisse making his very naughty suggestion that Lola take a bath in exchange for her dowry. I didn’t want her to do it, but I had to admire the smooth way he suggested it.

Catherine and Mary coming up with a plan to get away from Gifford.

Mary figuring out a way to use Catherine’s pin after all. Poor horsey, but at least they got away.

Catherine telling her son to trust Mary or they would end up thousands of miles apart.

Francis trying to let Mary in as much as he possibly could, while still keeping her safe.

What did you think of this episode of Reign? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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