Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Review “Don’t Let’s Start”

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 6 Don't Let's Start (2)
Just when I thought the Grey’s Anatomy writers were allowing Geena Davis to waste away in the shadows of Grey Sloan Memorial, boom – deathly brain tumor. I was starting to wonder if Dr. Herman was going to do more than make Arizona’s life miserable with criticism and hazing, so last night’s episode gave a very timely dose of context for Dr. Herman’s lack of patience with her intern. Intern? Resident? I can never keep these things straight, but you get the picture.

Not only am I excited to see what the writers have in store for Dr. Herman, I am ELATED that this story arc should give Arizona more to do than wallow around in self pity because of the breakdown of her marriage. I’m sure we’ll still see a few awkward exchanges, like the one at the top of the episode, but I’m hoping that the majority of Arizona’s screentime will be dedicated to helping Dr. Herman deal with her brain tumor. I’m sure that there will be some all hands on deck attempt to save her life, likely spearheaded by one or both of the Shephards, but I get the sense that Herman has accepted her fate and will probably not be that appreciative of people who try to push her to believe in a miracle.

Speaking of the Shephards, last night was a pretty good episode for Derek. Although the family or family-ish dinner didn’t quite go off as planned, the storyline provided a few good character beats. In particular, it looks like Derek and Meredith have learned how to fight without things escalating so far that it would lead viewers to question if the two will stay together. That is a path that is well worn on this show. Granted, at some point I’m going to need them both to accept and move on, but the writers have done a good job at not being too heavy handed with the conflict.

Derek’s family dinner plans led to what was easily my favorite line of the entire episode: “Zola needs more Black people in the family because I’m running out of ways to braid her hair, and Bailey won’t show me anymore.” I want more scenes with Derek braiding Zola’s hair and a few Bailey side eyes as Derek asks her for a hairstyling refresher. Ha!

I hope that the family dinner invitation extended to Maggie means she can call Meredith by her first name from now on. If Meredith can’t extend the courtesy as a family member, she could at least extend it as a colleague. It also feels like Maggie is being a little passive aggressive too, as she kindly reminds Meredith that she appreciated the journal reading, but she hasn’t forgotten her previous conflict with “Dr. Grey.”

I get the sense that many Grey’s Anatomy fans haven’t quite warmed up to Maggie yet. I actually like the character and I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers develop her relationship with Richard, as well as what they find to do with her once the show moves past the family conflict. I quite like her scenes with Bailey and Jo.

The “patient of the week” storylines can often be forgettable on Grey’s Anatomy or be reduced to a plot point that allows for a moment of shock or levity. The writers did a good job at switching things up this week by having the patient issues resonate with Bailey, Jo and Owen. As someone who has family members who have served in the military, I enjoyed the arc with the homeless veteran and watching how both Owen and Jo connected with her because of their respective pasts.

The Jackson/April stuff this week wasn’t too bad, but it’s a shame to see such likeable actors portraying characters that I don’t find myself missing when they’re not the focus of an episode.

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