Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Trigger Cut”

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 11 Trigger Cut (5)

“This is how you show you care.”

Covert Affairs made its return from hiatus doing the smartest thing possible: putting Annie and Eyal together. In Istanbul. With McQuaid out of commission, Annie needs another charismatic spy to play off of and only Mr. Oded Fehr himself fits that description in my book (sorry Auggie- more on you later). The first half of Season 5 gave us only a brief glimpse of our lovable Mossad agent, and he made quite an entrance back in “Trigger Cut.” Granted, Eyal’s happy trigger finger did block Annie from discovering what Belenko was buying from Kabani. That threw me off guard but when either Annie or Eyal are on a mission, they complete it. Eyal had intel that Kabani was up to no good, so he neutralized him. That being said, I sure wonder what was in those three duffel bags.

Belenko is also shaping up to be an interesting villain as played by Shawn Doyle. He flat out kills Caitlyn to protect himself, tells Annie he hopes her boyfriend is doing “okay,” and then drops the engagement ring he gave to Caitlyn in a hot cup of tea. Yikes. Did he pull off the Chicago attacks all by himself or have help from the Russian government? The latter of the two would be the more interesting route, but I don’t see Covert Affairs doing that. It’s not The Bridge. We also got a brief glimpse of an assassin he employs played by the Lynn Collins. She’s someone who can definitely go toe to toe with Annie, and I’m looking forward to it.

Calder’s escort Stephanie grew leaps and bounds here too which means she will probably die now. I’m annoyed that it took this long to see the payoff of her becoming an asset to the CIA, yet am thrilled she’s developing her own agency. Girl was smart to ask for her rate times 10 for the work (even if she ended up changing that fee after learning her intel proved valuable). She’s probably seen the Homeland episode where Carrie’s asset was murdered. Her whole storyline improved Calder as well. He genuinely cared if Stephanie did not want to go through with the op, and that is a Calder I like to see.

On the disappointment end, I’m not sure how I feel about the characterization of Auggie anymore. The whole triangle with Hayley and Natasha in the first half did not paint him in a favorable light. Christopher Gorham is good, but I don’t have the excitement of watching Auggie the way I did in the earlier seasons. Annie’s chemistry with McQuaid doesn’t help either because the two of them are on fire together. Before his death Tony mentioned he was having nightmares about the actions he, Auggie, and their team did in the military. It looks like this will intersect with Annie’s hunt of Belenko. I can’t judge until it happens, but adding a “darkness” to Auggie’s past feels unnecessary and a way for the writers to have him interact with Annie again in a desperate way. We’ll see how it all plays out, but I’d rather Joan’s actions in the Balkans be tied to Belenko somehow. Let’s be honest too, the show could always use more Joan (and Arthur for that matter).

More Thoughts As I Sweat for 5 Minutes

– McQuaid woke up: yay and duh. He needs to recover first (because not everyone can be invincible like John McClane after getting shot) of course, yet I’m itching for him to be in the field with Annie again.

– Eyal has reconciled with his ex-wife: for now this seems to squash an Annie/Eyal pairing. I’m okay with this however. He works out better as the partner that something could happen with but won’t.

– Is it just me or did Eyal pause and let Lynn Collins get away? He could have made that shot.

– So, did Tony die of alcohol poisoning or just maybe poisoning? Bets that Collins’ assassin is involved? Probably.

– I am ever grateful for the fact that Covert Affairs films in the actual city (or at least country) its characters are in. Istanbul is not a place to fake onscreen, and seeing the Hagia Sophia in the background of so many shots made that difference.