Stalker Season 1 Review “Love is a Battlefield”

stalker 106 Love Is A Battlefield 01

On the latest episode, we met a decidedly unique brand of “Stalker” in that it was someone who wasn’t even being stalked in the first place, in the aptly-titled “Love is a Battlefield.” It all started creepily enough, with Andrea Brown (Jessica Tuck, “True Blood”), the chairperson of a respected non-profit art foundation that helped up-and-coming artists, while at the same time donating their fees from their functions straight to charity.

At a dinner party to celebrate their latest upcoming endeavor, the lights went out and once everyone gathered inside her house, they were greeted with a black light art installation of sorts, in which, spelled out in glowing tape, were various insults and threats meant for Andrea, none of which were visible to the naked eye in regular light. To cap it off, her and her ex-husband’s official song was playing- clearly pointing in the direction of said ex being the culprit.

However, the ex, Ken (Alex Carter, “CSI”) claimed innocence, though he couldn’t prove his alibi. Not long after that, Andrea’s dog was found dead in a box sent to her, complete with a Bible verse inside. But she claimed that Ken loved the dog and would never do such a thing, leading her to wonder if someone else was to blame- such as his current girlfriend, Melissa (Caity Lotz, “Arrow”), who just so happened to both hate said dog and was a preacher’s daughter to boot.

To make matters worse, she was who her ex-husband cheated on her with, which was the main thing that had left to their nasty divorce, in which Andrea had cleaned up financially, leaving Ken all but broke. What little he had left was further diminished by the market crash a few years back, as he was a real estate broker. So, both he and Melissa had a lot of reason to hate Andrea, and plenty of the evidence was pointing in their direction.

Andrea was subsequently attacked in a parking garage, just barely escaping when another person intervened on her behalf. A look at both the footage of the attack and the security footage outside her home around the time of her dinner party revealed a masked man with a prominent and expensive Rolex on in both videos- the same type of watch Ken wore. Incriminating himself even further, he attacked Andrea at the aforementioned function she was overseeing, with the team saving her just in time.

The thing was, Ken had an alibi for the time of the parking lot attack, and this time it was verified, and it clearly wasn’t Melissa. Had they hired someone to attack her? An eagle-eyed Larsen noted the same font at the art show on a particular artist’s work and they looked into Damon (Michael Roark, “Magic Mike”), a artist and online, high-end “masseuse”- aka a gigolo, who copped to attacking Andrea- only at her behest!

It seems Andrea had staged the entire affair, going so far as to kill her own dog to frame Ken, and filming the two of them having sex to scare off Melissa, all in hopes of getting him back. Needless to say, she had issues- namely a borderline personality disorder that led her to fluctuate between stability and psychosis, and had ultimately led to what Beth called “false victimization.” So, that essentially makes Andrea the first person on the show to essentially stalk herself. Pretty crazy stuff.

As per usual, we ended with a spooky cover, this time the titular Pat Benatar tune, here given a freaky makeover by Wrongchilde, featuring White Sea. We also finally discovered Larsen’s big secret- it seems he cheated on Amanda with a witness, potentially compromising a case in the process. He also shirked his responsibility with Ethan, even going so far as to claim the child wasn’t his. Rather than have Amanda make good on her threats, he went to Beth himself and spilled the majority of it to her first.

Given his behavior, what with his being a borderline stalker himself, I personally thought Larsen was up to far worse that what was revealed, though he did imply that he’d made other mistakes where that came from. Beth surprisingly understood, telling him to sort it out sooner than later, as he was a good addition to the team and she’d hate to lose him- probably the first really nice thing she’s ever said to him.

I’m inclined to agree with her, creepy stalker-adjacent habits notwithstanding, as his offenses weren’t nearly as bad as they were made out to be- though we obviously don’t know the whole story yet. As Amanda claims she’s going to talk to Beth the following morning, maybe we’ll get a bit more on the next episode, from a less questionable source. We shall see.

All in all, a good episode. I definitely didn’t see that nutty twist coming, to be sure, and I really enjoyed the main case at hand overall. I’m also relieved that Larsen’s worst offense seems to have been that he was a cheater who potentially could have damaged a case and was also a deadbeat dad. I can live with that, as it could have been a lot worse.

I also liked the various insights we got into other characters, via their song interests: Ben is partial to The Carpenters (!), Janice loves her some Stevie Nicks, Larsen is a Pearl Jam man, and Beth likes…you guessed it, Pat Benatar. Hit me with your best shot, indeed. Congrats to the show are also in order, as it just got a full season pick-up, which is nice.

What did you think of “Stalker” this week? Were you surprised by the big twist in the main case? How about Larsen’s big reveal? Will Amanda relent and give him another chance? Will she fill in the blanks for Beth? Who do you think Andrea’s favorite musician is? (Not Snoop Dogg, I’m guessing.) Sound off below and I’ll see you next time!