Red Band Society Season 1 Review “Ergo Ego”

Red Band Society episode 6 Ergo, Ego (2)

A fundamental problem with Red Band Society became apparent with Jordi’s gesture of ripping his red band off this week. The way the show saw it, this was a symbol of the group of kids breaking up, it was Rachel leaving the glee club to be in the school musical, but to the audience, it was a meaningless action in response to one single betrayal.

Sure, he should be hurt that the girl he likes has chosen to be with someone else, but there’s no connection between these characters to break. There are individual bonds, and some of them are great, but there is no cohesion. The titular society hasn’t been seen since the pilot, and that’s a tricky position to be in six episodes down the road.

It’s also a shame that this episode followed such a huge break, as it took me a couple of minutes to remember everything that had been going on in the previous episode. The last time we were here, Nurse Jackson had falsified Charlie’s blood-work in order to keep him at the hospital a little longer, and her plan pretty much worked.

She got suspended for it though, and there is now an interesting little antagonism between the hospital staff. This includes Mandy Moore’s Erin, an ex-girlfriend or Adams and the new chief of surgery. Her appearance here had more to do with setting up a love triangle with Britney in the other corner, but I like the fact that Nurse Jackson can have a female friend to confide in. It’s a good addition.

Another good addition was Hunter, who is a bit of a mystery right now. Kara is at her best when she’s interested in another human being, as we’ve seen with her interactions with Leo and Dash so far, and so giving her a friend/foil all of her own can only be good news for her character. He’s obviously going to be a love interest, but I wish we would have found out what his deal is before the end of the episode.

Her medical issues are getting worse now too, and she’s really becoming the only character on the show I consistently care about or enjoy watching. The writers give her all of the best lines, for one, and, aside from Leo, there is more depth to her actions than any of the other characters. I believe that she can change, but that’s because I feel like I know her relatively well.

But the Leo/Emma/Jordi love triangle really has to go. I really haven’t warmed to Jordi as much as I feel I should have by now, and I feel like Emma and Leo are just so much more interesting when they have their own storylines. I enjoyed the notion that Emma can’t understand how two guys are fighting over her when she doesn’t even like herself, but the storyline was a wash aside from the brief moment of clarity.

It was another muddled episode of Red Band Society, but there are definitely some elements that are coming together more than others. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.