How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Review “He Deserved to Die”

How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) Episode 7 He Deserved to Die (4)

With each episode so far How To Get Away With Murder has jumped ahead 1 or 2 weeks leading up to Sam Keating’s murder. “He Deserved to Die” moved that along even further. We are only 2 weeks away now from the events of the flash forwards (compared to the last episode of being 5 weeks away). I’m glad from a story writing standpoint that this decision was made. After the excellent case in “Freakin’ Whack A Mole” another one was not needed before diving into Lila’s murder again. And let’s be honest, we all wanted to get back to Lila Stanguard because her case directly affects Sam’s murder and therefore all our main characters in a very personal way. I had two qualms (see below), and Lila’s pregnancy could be seen from a mile away, but all in all, it was another rollercoaster outing.

Gold Stars

Viola Davis/Annalise: Just give her all the awards now. She didn’t have her mirror breakdown or powerful courtroom scene this go round, but her “berating” of Rebecca was fierce. And here’s the thing, Annalise was using those words as an example, but so much truth rang out of them. She may be Rebecca’s lawyer, but she doesn’t have to like her client, and she sure as heck probably hates that Rebecca was friends with the co-ed who slept with her husband.

Asher/Matt McGorry: Asher really outdid himself with all the zingers this time. “I’m so freakin’ mad I wasn’t born gay.” “What does he have, some kind of voodoo penis?” And then the whole bit at the bar with Connor and Wes had me in stitches- he used the terms ‘release the Kraken’ and ‘dingus.’

Question Marks

– The night of Sam’s murder: Rebecca is covered in blood and tells Wes, “He wanted to kill me. I had no other choice.” She then mentions how the trophy was there and that she hit him with it. Oh, and that she’s glad she killed him. This could make it seem that perhaps at the urging of Nate, Rebecca was going to reveal that she knew Sam killed Lila. Sam got wind of this and approached her about it. They got in an argument, he threatened her, and she killed him in the process. THAT’S HOW IT SEEMS. It won’t be that easy though. I still don’t know how Bonnie fits into it all either. So far the Ice Queen has put on a good poker face, but her rendezvous with Asher is definitely hiding something.

– Is there no one at the police station that Nate could tip off about Sam (if he is indeed the killer)? He must still have friends that would listen to him there. Granted, maybe he will do this at some point but wants more information from Rebecca first.

– Hey Laurel and Frank, I don’t think it’s very smart to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing on Annalise’s porch. People (*cough* Nate and Bonnie *cough*) like to creep around there. Also, splinters?

In the Dog House

– The look on Michaela’s face when she was handed that pre-up was priceless.

– Sorry, Connor. Oliver has a new bae.


– I am not a fan of the rape accusation against Griffin brewed by Annalise and Rebecca. I’m sure it happens all time to subvert moves made by an opposing team, but it still did not sit well with me.

– The juxtaposition of Wes and Rebecca having sex and Lila’s second autopsy did not work. I can see what the writers were going for in terms of the irony, yet the whole thing felt tacky.

– How does a medical examiner miss that someone is pregnant. I mean, really?!

* Next week is Lila’s viewpoint. That possibility never crossed my mind, but I’m glad it’s happening. Perhaps we’ll finally see Annalise’s during the November 20th winter finale?