Survivor Season 29 Review “A Million Dollar Decision”

survivor blood vs water 2907 Million Dollar Decision 04

Survivor usually starts their episodes with those “Blue vision” scenes as the teams get back from Tribal, but “If The Shoe Fits” skipped straight to the next morning as the Coyopa tribe feels the strange need to explain to Keith why he got votes. None of this made sense to me. You had to split your votes to flush an idol, so Keith drew the short straw. Yeah, it might stink to have your name written down, but I don’t know why Keith got so upset about it. If you want to show your loyalty to your people, and not separate yourself from them, then take your votes with some grace and let it roll of your back. Do you think they’re going to vote for the guy who spat and moaned and called them liars? Or the nice guy who was a team player and allowed you to throw some votes at him? Weird reaction.

Anyway, this was the merge episode, so we see the new “#Huyopa” tribe form around the traditional feast. Apparently the food at the feast is so abundant that they can bring the rest home and have another feast the next day! I always assumed that they devoured everything at these feasts, but I guess that’s not the case. There wasn’t any clues at the feast, but that didn’t stop everybody from going crazy with splitting off into their alliances as quickly as possible. There was a lot of moving and shaking to cover here, but to me the most interesting dynamic is the relationship between Missy and Baylor. While I do think Missy was being a little harsh, I loved seeing her click into “Mom mode” and sternly tell Baylor to suck it up and learn to start disappointing people. This is one of the times that I love the Blood vs. Water dynamic, as you see a mother/daughter relationship really come into play in the middle of a strategic game like Survivor.

The trail mix scandal was pretty hilarious, and I’m already seeing a lot of animosity towards Julie circulating the Internet, but I’m confused. She made it sound like they all split the trail mix equally, and everybody else ate their supply too fast, but she was taking her time eating it. If that’s the case, then it was totally lame for everybody else to go through her bag and steal her food! It’s their fault they ate their food too fast! If she actually went and stole a bunch of the trail mix and hid it in her bag, then I get her tribe’s anger. Regardless of if she stole it or not, it should totally be against the rules to go through other people’s bags like that. What’s the point of having personal items if they’re never personal?

Thankfully it looks like we’re finally done with the one-on-one challenges, so we had our first individual immunity which was surprisingly won by Keith. I’ve always kinda liked Keith, and despite his little tantrum at the top of the episode I hope he continues in the game.

Speaking of continuing in the game, Julie decided she did not want to continue. This is the most annoying thing that can ever happen on Survivor, and it was especially annoying considering she had no real reason for leaving. There are people who have quit in the past, but I feel like they were for more legitimate reasons. She can’t handle some dome 20-something year old dude mentioning trail mix, and she’s out. It also bothers me when she brings in all of the other crap from outside the game, and name dropping “Mean Girls” for no reason, and blame that as the reason for your weakness. Your big boobs are not the reason you’re quitting. As an aside, I hate it when girls get giant breast implants and then every time anybody mistreats them they say that they’re prejudging her because she has big boobs and that they are (somehow?) not very smart. Nobody prejudged you here, Julie. You just wussed out because you’re a weak and selfish person and you couldn’t stick it out for your tribe. Screw you, Julie, and your big boobs too.

Random Thoughts:

– I loved Jon quoting Kat from the first Blood Vs. Water season when he said “Nobody wants to date somebody who can’t make it to the merge.” Oh Kat, how I loved thee.

– Happy birthday (yesterday), Jeff Probst!

– It felt incredibly out of place for Julie to name drop “Mean Girls” during her quitting speech to Jeff. Not only is it very rare for people to mention any movie on this show, but her predicament really wasn’t similar to anything from the movie anyway. I guess they mentioned it just because it’s a Paramount movie, and is therefore under the CBS/Viacom/Paramount umbrella. Still…weird.