Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Review “What A Piece Of Work Man Is”

Fellow Sons of Anarchy fans, you’re going to need a few things as we prepare to reflect on last night’s episode. Without question, you’re going to need your best Abel face and perhaps a few cookies for a snack.

Next, you may want to grab a box of tissues and your drink of choice to pour out a little in honor of the fallen son, Bobby “Elvis” Munson.

In Memoriam

Much to the shock and chagrin of many Sons of Anarchy fans, Bobby’s parts are now in heaven. I like Bobby, I think it’s awful that he is now another in a LONG list of victims of Gemma’s “truth” and his presence will be missed. Bobby’s death is a reminder that we’re quickly reaching the end of an era on Sons of Anarchy, as I believe Tig is the only one left at the table who has lived through the Teller-Morrow-Teller leadership eras.

I will fondly remember Bobby as a voice of reason, a great Elvis impersonator, a fan of chocolate women and chocolate chip cookies, a baker of muffins and one of many father figures to Jax. Bobby represented what the club could have been at its very best, which unfortunately for him made him an ideal target for Marks. For awhile, it looked like Bobby was going to end each season in a jail cell. Sadly, he’ll close out this series six feet under at the cabin of death and chaos. Seriously, that cabin has SO much bad juju mcgumbo. I understand the nostalgic ties to it, but I would strongly recommend the club burn that sucker down and just build another one. I couldn’t help but think that Piney’s ghost was in that cabin last night shaking his head at what has become of SAMCRO.

Like his fellow brothers, Bobby was not without his flaws. He lied to Otto about the club killing Caruso, which allowed Lincoln Potter to expose that secret and get Otto to provide evidence of past crimes for Potter’s RICO charges. That lie and Otto’s feeling of betrayal is what created the mess that landed Tara in jail and the club in the cross hairs of the very unstable Lee Toric. His flaws are good reflection of a character that wanted to do right by his brothers. I understood why he kept the truth about Caruso from Otto, as no one would want to explain to a brother who gave his life and various parts of his body for the club, that his justice has to be delayed because of club business. Clay made that call and was the one who should have gone to explain it to Otto. Those missteps still don’t change the fact that Bobby was a model SAMCRO brother right up until the end.

The Impact of Bobby’s Death

On Anarchy Afterword last night, the show did a panel of villains featuring Billy Brown (August Marks), Ally Walker (Stahl) and Tim Murphy (Galen). This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t consider August Marks a villain. Yes, in a larger sense, Marks is just a gangster in a suit who profits off of illegal activity and will not hesitate to kill someone that gets in his way. The same is true, however, of our beloved Sons. In the SAMCRO world, I don’t consider Marks a villain in the same way that fans would consider Stahl, Galen and Weston villains. When we first met August Marks, he was Damon Pope’s right hand man. Although I don’t condone what Damon (with August’s help) did to Tig’s daughter, let’s not forget why that tragic series of events took place. Tig recklessly decided to run a car into storefront/coffee shop, endangering the lives of several innocent people, in a (failed) attempt to kill Leroy. Leroy’s crime? Being Black – the race of the phantom person Unser and Clay made up to explain Clay’s shooting. Tig’s violent impulse cost an innocent woman her life. What August did to support Pope in avenging his daughter’s death is in no way different from the Sons rallying around Jax in his crusade to punish the person who killed Tara. Correction – the person he believes killed Tara.

By the end of season 5, Pope was dead and August and Jax were business partners. That partnership was working out pretty well until August had the nerve to suggest that Jax not let his personal need for revenge lead him to make mistakes and compromise business. Guess what? That’s EXACTLY what Jax did. Even worse, his actions have led to needless bloodshed and left the club with very few allies. As a viewer, I’m struggling to see how August ends up being the villain in all of this. I think that August cut Jax a pretty significant amount of slack until he kidnapped, brutalized and eventually murdered Bobby.

As I listened to Jax lament underestimating August last week and watched Bobby’s murder this week, I wondered how the writers intended for us to feel as viewers. Clearly, we are supposed to be outraged that Bobby is yet another victim of Gemma’s lie. Mission accomplished. If I was supposed to feel happy that Jax outsmarted August and got him arrested for a murder that JAX impulsively committed because of what happened to Bobby – I think the show missed the mark. Sure, I still like the guys. How can you not love Chibs? How can you not like a little freaky bonding between Happy and Tiggy? However, I don’t watch things unfold with August and pity the club. I don’t see the club as the underdogs or the victims. I don’t find myself rooting for them. I just look at a bunch of men involved in a conflict that makes absolutely no sense.

To that extent, I feel sorrow that Bobby died for no good reason. However, he is one in a LONG list of Sons now that have died for no good reason. Opie’s death was senseless, as it too was the culmination of lies and reckless, reactionary behavior that put him in an impossible position. Piney and Tara – both victims of misinformation and needlessly violent responses to that misinformation. And maybe that’s the point or the moral of this whole story. Indeed, we’ve enjoyed the bond between the guys, watching them rally for each other and the occasional car chase or car flipping shenanigans. However, the guys are still engaging in illegal activities with criminals and unfortunately, that tends to create a world that is unpredictable, violent and is all too often unfair. One thing is clear after seven seasons, this life does not very often draw distinctions between the guilty and the innocent or the deserving and the undeserving. I’m sad that Bobby is gone, but I’m not invested in the Sons getting revenge on Marks and Lin. It’s obviously difficult for viewers to buy-in because they know the truth. However, I also find it hard because I simply don’t see the Sons as the antiheroes of this world anymore. I feel very emotionally detached from them this season, which is a first.

The Abel Face Awards

– Junkie Mama telling Jax she can sense he’s a good man. Not this season ma’am. Not this season.

– Gemma espousing wisdom to Rat about finding a good old lady. How about that tidbit about your old lady reflecting who you are? That says quite a lot about John and Clay.

– Jarry. Seriously, girl. I’m done trying to understand this character. What exactly, other than banging, makes you think this is some grand love affair? Not even Tommy Flanagan’s ass could salvage that scene. It felt so out of place.

– Wendy finally asking Jax when “it” all ends. Girl, never. It literally NEVER ends. How is this not apparent to you? NEVER!

– Nice to see Jax spending quality time with his biological sons, but I don’t know if I understand the wisdom of taking your child out of school for the day and bringing him to the cabin, which is now chaos central. You say you want him to be around you, yet spend the whole day putting out fires and starting more.

Other thoughts and observations . . .

– I JUST realized last night that Rat’s girlfriend is the daughter of the homeless lady. Glad to make the connection, still don’t care about the relationship.

– Abel is officially my favorite character on this show. I LIVE for every scene in which he’s creepily staring down Grandma.

– “Scott sucking sheriff.” – Precisely why part of me will always love Gemma, flaws and all.

– Juice putting the weapon in his “pocket” scene was just more than I could handle.

Until next week!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy? Sound off below with your thoughts, as well as your favorite Bobby moments. Be good! Abel is watching (and judging)!!!