Criminal Minds Season 10 Review “If The Shoe Fits”

criminal minds 1006 If the Shoe Fits 02

Criminal Minds returned tonight with “If The Shoe Fits”, as the team makes their way to Montana after a dude was stabbed and had a phone shoved in his mouth.

Before they left we got a quick scene between JJ and her mom, where we got to see Henry all grown up and sporting an awful new hairdo! Seriously, cut that kid’s hair ASAP! We just saw Jack last week, so I guess we’re making the rounds and checking in on the kids of the team members. Anyway, we’ve never really heard much about JJ’s sister Rosalind, so it was interesting to see that JJ is trying to hide her son from the evils of this world. It makes sense that she’d want her son to maintain his innocence considering the horrors she deals with everyday, but this was an interesting discussion that lasted throughout the episode and included a great conversation with Reid about fairy tales.

The fairy tale motif carried through to the case of the week, with the Unsub being obsessed with Cinderella. We rarely get female Unsubs on this show, and Suburgatory‘s Annie Cobb doing a great job as the killer Cinderella. It all culminated perfectly with a great scene at the end with Reid pretending to be prince charming! Usually the Unsubs are confronted with a Mexican stand-off as everybody points their gun at them and tries to talk them down. This was a really fun twist on the usual formula.

I’ve already warmed up to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character Kate Callahan way more than I ever did for Jeanne Tripplehorn’s character from the last two seasons. She brings a very affable and easygoing presence to every scene she’s in, which is really great for a show that’s this serious. However, that’s also a bit of a weakness. She’s weirdly being used for comic relief, which is not the type of role I thought they would give to an actress like Hewitt. Just about every other line she has is some kind of weird joke or comment, and sometimes they seem like they are wildly inappropriate for the situation. Like when she was pasting the faces of people who had been brutally murdered, she quips that the killer has the same taste that she does. These people are dead, Kate! Maybe cool it with the jokes! Even when she’s interrogating a suspect she does it in a jokey fashion by lying to him about a child porn charge.

The final scene with JJ telling a “story” to Henry about her and Rosalind was sweet, and it really seems like they’re making a concerted effort this season to give us more character development for the main cast. We’ve seen Kate spend time with her niece, Hotch dress up with Jack, and JJ now tell stories to Henry. I’m wondering if we’ll continue to see more of the other team members as the season continues. Maybe Jane Lynch can make a return as Reid’s mom. Glee is ending, right?

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Random Thoughts:

– I would be lying if I didn’t say I’ve never been slightly tempted to shove somebody’s phone down their throat while I’m driving the freeways of Los Angeles. That was actually my first theory when I saw the phone in the mouth: Somebody had road rage after seeing someone driving while talking on the phone.

– That dude trying to rape Claire in her car really came out of nowhere. He seemed like he was a pretty good guy up until that point!

– So I guess next week’s episode is all about selfies and hashtags, and I already anticipate getting really annoyed about it.