Awkward Season 4 Review “Girl Rules”


Somewhere along the way, Jenna Hamilton became the mean girl of Awkward. That’s her problem in this episode, not Gaby, and her suspicion that she needs to hurt people before they get the chance to hurt her first has led her down some treacherous paths before now.

Every negative quality she sees in Gaby can be seen in Jenna’s behavior – the fake niceness, the ‘high roading’ – and her perceived claim of ownership on Matty is bad for everyone involved in this little love triangle.

I’ve said in the past that Jenna and Matty’s friendship makes a lot more sense to me than their supposed ‘epic’ romance, but that scene at the end of this episode was the most honest moment I think I’ve seen between the couple in years. They’re so used to each other, and have a closeness that no one else can replicate, but both of them need to realize that they’re not actually good for each other.

Gaby is the best thing that could have happened to Matty right now, even if it’s too early in their relationship for him to want to share his adoption story with her, and I really hope that kiss doesn’t mean that they’re splitting up before we head off to a break. It’s lazy storytelling, and would seriously diminish the poignancy of that scene. Jenna actually made the right, selfless decision! Please, Awkward, don’t ruin it.

Her maturity of Jenna there was even more remarkable when you remember she had just been wallowing in the knowledge that her mother had been accepted to a school that didn’t want her. She could easily, like Matty, have let that sadness push her back to the one constant in her life, but she thankfully thought more of Gaby than that. It was the sort of character growth I’ve been longing for.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Jenna and Matty’s kiss means Gaby is on her way out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.