The 100 Season 2 Review “Reapercussions”

What a legitimately creepy episode to have as goofy a title as “Reapercussions,” huh? Seriously, The 100 has gone dark before, but this took things to a whole other level, showing dozens of Grounders crowded into cages in a Mount Weather blood farm. It was a tense opening that led to another great entry in the show’s second season.

Coming out of that opening scene, Clarke’s scenes kept up the dark, grungy feeling as she Anya dealt faced the Reapers. Easily the biggest development with this story was the further development of how Mount Weather operates. There’s a sick ecosystem at work, with the Mount Weather scientists draining the Grounders of blood and dumping the dead and damaged to be scavenged by the Reapers. Also, having Anya continue to antagonize Clarke was a great detail, as it would be hard to believe she’ll forgive her without a lot more time spent together, if ever.

Jasper’s growing romance with Maya is currently the biggest “CW element” on the show, but it’s at the very least being used to explore Mount Weather in greater detail. And really, with Clarke on the run with Anya, it falls to Jasper and Monty to serve as our eyes and ears on the inside, giving us a way to learn more about Mount Weather society as the season moves on. As a fan of the duo, I’m glad to see them taking on a more integral role this year.

It was a small moment, but it was good to see Bellamy warn Finn about torture and lines you can’t uncross. It called back to the disastrous torture of Lincoln last season, and how it helped Bellamy develop as a character. Finn, however, wasn’t present to learn that lesson, and he blew past that line by shooting their prisoner in the head once they’d gotten the information they needed out of him. It was a jarring moment, and seems to indicate the direction they’ll be taking Finn in this year will be a troubled one.

The torture scene also played well against a similar interrogation taking place in the Ark camp, creating some nice parallels between Bellamy and Kane. Kane continued to struggle in his new role as chancellor, but he managed to find a sense of purpose by the hour’s end. It seemed a bit rushed for him to go from having Abby lashed to making her temporary chancellor, sure, but it’s not entirely out of line given their history together and what we know about him from last season.

It’s crazy to think, but there’re now seven different locations where storylines are taking place between the different camps and travelling parties. While I’m sure we’ll have different groups meeting up down the line, it speaks to just how quickly the show’s scope has grown, as well as how much great material the creators have to work with. As I pretty much say every week, I can’t wait to see where things go next.

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