Scorpion Season 1 Review “Father’s Day”

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On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” it was daddy issues time all around in “Father’s Day.” Of course, there’s Walter, who has long since had issues with Cabe as his own father figure, ever since he roped him into designing that tech to drop aid to those in need in war-torn areas and it was used for nefarious purposes. Though likewise duped, Walter had never quite forgiven Cabe for that, and we got to see firsthand how deep that betrayal was felt, as we saw the events leading up to that event, with Cabe serving as a mentor to him, teaching Walter how to defend himself, hooking him up with a new, then-state of the art computer, and so forth.

Beyond the obvious reasons- the fact that they’re working together again- the real reason a lot of this was dredged up was the reemergence of Ralph’s father, Drew, a now-retired baseball player that wanted to be a part of his son’s life again after dropping out of it for around seven years. Most everyone on the team thought Paige should keep her distance, so as to not infringe upon the progress they’d made with Ralph, which Paige was inclined to agree with, though she was quick to remind the team that it wasn’t exactly up to them, and none too amused when they investigated Drew on her behalf, without asking or wanting them to.

However, there was one exception: Happy, who had been abandoned by her father after her mother died during childbirth, and had never had any connection with her parents at all, beyond a few fleeting memories of her dad. Reminding Paige that sometimes not knowing someone can be worse- especially if all one has to cling to are barely remembered occurrences- Paige ultimately decided to let Ralph meet with Drew and let the chips fall where they may. Meanwhile, Happy tracked down and interacted with her own dad, albeit without telling him who she was, with the two bonding over their shared love of mechanics.

As for the main case at hand, this one revolved around tracking down three escaped convicts, one of which was a computer genius in his own right. Initially hired to figure out how they did it, in such a high-tech facility, the team also helped the FBI to determine where they might be going and what they were up to. They did, and were almost killed in the process when the Russian part of the team opened fire on them, with everyone realizing that the genius might not be there because he wanted to be, but because he’d been kidnapped and forced to do these things.

However, that proved to be untrue as well, at least to a certain extent. It turned out that the genius had simply been using the Russians as a mean to an end, having needed someone to help execute his plan, which involved hacking into the stock exchange and using it to their advantage to funnel money online. Alas, the Russians were using him as well, and had no intention of keeping the genius alive, once they’d gotten what they needed out of him.

Eventually the team tracked the fugitives down a second time, and a showdown ensued, with the team accidentally sending the FBI part of the siege team in the wrong direction and having to attempt to rescue the genius themselves. Fortunately, just as it seemed that at least some of them were doomed, Cabe intervened with his team and saved the day, arresting the lot of them.

That was about it, save some amusing lines here and there, and a fairly funny series of callback jokes involving a cookie slogan. Though I was quite happy with the episode overall, and the writing is getting stronger all the time, I did miss Walter getting to confront the genius for his part in the wrongdoing, which they made it a point to reference him wanting to do, then never showed. Maybe we didn’t need it, but after seeing how upset Walter was, I kind of wanted it nonetheless. Can’t fit everything in, I guess.

What did you think of “Scorpion” this week? Do you feel the show is getting better? How about the writing in general? Will Drew continue to be part of Ralph’s life? Will he try and rekindle his relationship with Paige? If he does, how will Walter handle it? Will Happy ever tell her father who she is? Let me know what you think down below and I’ll see you next episode!