Jane The Virgin Episode 4 Review “Chapter Four” – Jane’s Broken Heart

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In this episode of Jane the Virgin, called “Chapter Four,” Jane tries to star away from Rafael to keep her wedding plans on track, but ends up with a surprise that breaks her heart.

When you’re watching a show about a young girl who saved her virginity until marriage and ended up single and pregnant, you might have expected some heartbreak. But it was both sad and fascinating to see how well Jane handled everything that was handed to her before learning about her dad. Sure, she had a minor breakdown and there have definitely been some tears, but nothing compared to the last scene of this episode.

The closer Jane and Michael came to their wedding, the more complicated everything became for them. Once again, I found that I couldn’t be angry at Michael, even though Jane kept doing everything she could to appease him. She did her best to keep some distance between her and the ever-glowing Rafael, but it didn’t really work and Michael was upset that she needed to put that much effort into staying away from him anyway. It was the worst catch-22 ever.

Meanwhile, Rogelio was lurking around the edges of Jane’s life, making an appearance here and there, but not enough to do more than make Jane wonder if he might be some creepy stalker. Xiomara had a run-in with Rogelio’s ex-wife that went over about as well as you’d expect it to. But even with his unbelievably conceited attitude and belief that he really is God’s gift to women, Rogelio is still a guy I find hard to hate.

Even when, at the end, Jane’s biggest heartbreak came at his hands. But though he was the one who delivered the news that shattered her world, we can’t blame the poor man. Jane was right to turn on her mother and ask why she’d never been told who her father was, but I couldn’t help but to feel a little sympathy for Xiomara as well. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely feel for Jane most of all. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to get that sort of news, let alone in the kind of position she’s in at the moment.

Jane and Michael managed to get through their rough bit in this episode and the wedding was back on. But now that Jane has been delivered such a blow, I have to wonder if she’ll be ready to take a walk down the aisle anytime soon.

My favorite bits:

Jane’s “first” wedding. Aw.

Rafael’s picture talking to Jane.

Thinking that “super-religious carnival with power ballads” was the best description I’d ever heard for a wedding.

“I can live without the food truck, I can’t live without you.”

Cracking up as Petra asked Rafael if he know who Zaz was seeing and a big, fat arrow pointed up at her. Ha!

All the adjustments Xiomara made to her blouse.

Rafael literally glowing as he was talking to Jane.

THIS: “Rafael’s stepmother. Also secretly boning his sister.”

Rafael thanking Rose for caring more about his sister than his other stepmothers did. Ha!

Poor Father Ortega being a bit over his head with Jane and Michael.

Jane admitting to her sex dream in front of her fiancé and a priest. Oh, boy.

Xiomara finding out the bracelet wasn’t as personal as she thought. Ouch.

Jane backing away from Rafael until she ended up in the pool.

“It’s four feet Baywatch!”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know if you could swim.”
“You know I could stand, right?” – That whole bit was so adorable.

And.. Of course Michael showed up at that moment.

“You cannot expect to be the only woman to whom I give the cardinal gift of Rogelio.” – This is truly one of the best lines I have ever heard uttered by a character on a TV show.

My imagination coming up with all kinds of wild ideas based on the words we saw from Jane’s sexy letter.

Of course Lachlan and Petra were once an item.

“Xiomara, you’re very special to me. You’re the mother of my only child… that I know of.” – THIS MAN.

Xiomara admitting she was hesitating telling Jane about her dad because she didn’t want to lose her.

Jane’s letter getting mixed up with the article she was writing for Rafael. Can we say, “Oops”?

Caramel scenario? Wow, Jane is even naughtier than I imagined.

Rafael’s glow disappearing the moment he told Jane he only saw her as a sister. Aw.

Rafael announcing that he and Petra were done, but adding that he appreciated her help with Lachlan. Nice.

Michael and Jane figuring out how to talk without him seeing her dress.

Haha! I KNEW Jane was going to double-check it was the right letter before giving it to Michael. I totally would’ve done the same thing.

Rogelio figuring out where Jane was because of Xiomara’s Foursquare account.

Wow. I thought it might be a funny moment, but Jane finding out Rogelio was her father was just plain heartbreaking. Just as the announcer said it would be.

Rafael waking up from his own sex dream. Ha! So much for seeing Jane as a sister.

What did you think of this episode of Jane The Virgin? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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